Zwift Racing League returns for the 2021-22 season


The Zwift Racing League, one of Zwift’s biggest competitions, returns this fall / fall with virtual indoor races for all skill levels. Zwift notes that this team competition saw 1,530 teams and 11,759 runners participate earlier this year.

Registrations for the new Zwift Racing League season are now open. Teams must be registered by September 25th. Registration takes place on the WTRL Zwift Racing League website.

Each team can include up to 12 runners. Teams may alternate riders in each race and must field a minimum of four riders and a maximum of six per heat. Once in progress, the races take place every Tuesday.

Season dates 2021/22
Season 1: September 28 → November 27
Season 2: January 11 → March 5
Season 3 (Final): April 5 → May 10

The Zwift Racing League is a team competition, with each rider’s points converted into league points for the team. The races alternate between team time trials (TTT) and circuit races.

For team time trials, the result is taken from the fourth rider on the line, with points awarded according to the finish time.

In circuit races, points are awarded according to the position at the finish. Bonus points are also available through “First Across The Line” (FAL) or “Fastest Through The Segment” (FTS) awards, with points awarded to the top 10.

Each season takes place over an 8 week period, with the winners crowned at the end of the competition.

Team time trial
Similar to the individual time trial, a team time trial is a race against time. The teams must work in close collaboration, each taking turns in the “wind”. Zwift notes that team time trials are fast, require a high level of focus, communication, and most importantly, teamwork.

Team Time Trials on Zwift were developed by the organizer of the community race, WTRL.

WTRL continues to regularly host TTT events on Zwift and also hosts the Zwift Racing League. All teams are assigned start times and must leave together at their allotted time. WTRL calculates the final times after the race with the results published on the Zwift Racing League website.

Communication is important; thus, many teams use Discord to communicate live during the race.

First division
The Zwift Racing League Premier Division features the best esports teams and competitors. Premier Division performances will be broadcast live every Monday on Zwift’s YouTube channel.

Competition for all levels and all territories
The Zwift Racing League offers competitions for all levels of driver, with races in category D and above. Those who improve their physical condition during the Zwift Racing League will have the opportunity for their team to be promoted to the next division.

The races will take place every Tuesday for the mixed ZRL teams and the ZRL women’s teams. There will be four women’s divisions in different time zones. There will be 10 different divisions for mixed teams, helping to make the Zwift Racing League a global competition.


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