Yamaha Europe announces R7 Cup single-brand racing series in 2022



When Yamaha ditched the sharp R6 in November 2020 and followed it up with the all-new YZF-R7 six months later in May 2021, avid supersport riders scoffed at the decision. After all, the R7 borrowed a lot from the MT-07 bare bike, only adjusting geometry, frame stiffness, and bodywork in the process. With only 74 horsepower on hand, the R7 was never intended to replace the R6, and Yamaha’s R7 Cup will clearly show that in 2022.

The single-make series will take place as part of the Ultimate Cup Moto de France endurance and sprint racing program. As a result, the R7 Cup will host 5 to 6 rounds on famous French circuits such as Le Mans, Magny-Cours, Dijon-Prenois and Le Vigeant. Despite reputable sites, runners don’t need a stellar racing pedigree to participate. True to the ambitions of the R7, the single-make cup will be aimed at novice and amateur runners.

“Unlike the R3 Challenge or the bLU cRU European Cup, which are designed to detect the stars of tomorrow and promote ascension to the highest level, the R7 Cup is particularly aimed at the enjoyment of its participants”, noted Yamaha Europe in a press release prepared.

Team Blue will host up to 40 riders in a dedicated R7 Cup village and provide everything from technical advice to entertainment. The best graduates will benefit from the R7 Cup podiums, Yamalube endowments and Yamaha clothing. The brand also promises appearances by guest stars, professional pilots or ambassadors throughout the season.

While Yamaha will unveil technical regulations and registration requirements in November 2021, Michelin has already been selected as the stock tire supplier. Team Blue also says it favors a low-cost formula with affordable conversion kits, fairings and tire allowances.

More recently, Yamaha unveiled the GYTR R7 with track-oriented components. Of course, the new kit doesn’t make the R7 a World Supersport-worthy machine like the R6 on-track only, but we can’t wait to see what novice and amateur endurance and sprint racers will do with the new sportbike. accessible from Yamaha.



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