WORCS 2022 Round 9 Results


| October 18, 2022

The Oliveira brothers, Dante and Mateo, won their respective 450cc and 250cc Pro classes at the Mesquite, Nevada, round of the Rocky Mountain ATV-MC WORCS Championship, October 15-16. And with those wins came championships, with Dante clinching the 450cc title and Mateo the 250cc title. They also did it a lap earlier so they could both enjoy a stress-free ride at the series finale in a few weeks in Primm, Nevada.

Dante Oliveira clinched the 2022 WORCS title in Mesquite, Nevada.

Connor Moore Story | Photos by Harlen Foley

Motocrosser Chance Hymas started the Pro 450 race with the holeshot, but Justin Hoeft had the lead after the first lap with Oliveira right behind him.

Oliveira quickly took control of the race, while Austin Walton (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna) also took the lead.

Walton gave Oliveira a run for the win. The Husqvarna rider closed in on Oliveira’s KTM and kept it there the whole way. The two were never separated by more than about 10 seconds. On the final lap, however, Walton made the first mistake and dropped his bike. He recovered quickly but it was enough to let Oliveira slip away and take the win by just 19 seconds.

Mateo Oliveira in Round 9 of WORCS 2022
Mateo Oliveira made two titles for the Oliveira family after winning the Pro 250cc class.

“I got off to a poor start and was running around third on the first lap, then the leader tucked in the front, so I snuck into second,” Oliveira said of his run. “I kind of pulled a sneaky all the way into the road section on lap three, taking the lead, and it was me and Austin practicing cargo the rest of the race, just going for it. I moved away from him a little in the sand, and he caught up with me once on the motorcycle track.

“Overall it was a good day for me,” Walton said. “I got off to a good start and charged really hard to get behind Dante. We charged the whole race and I was just yo-yoing right behind him. He was putting me in the back and I was catching him up front. I felt good and felt like I was falling into a comfortable rhythm. I kind of pushed a little harder and made a few mistakes in the back section. That’s the ‘one of those tracks where you can make big mistakes and tire yourself out to get to the end. We made a small mistake and ended up taking a small shovel, but that’s just racing.

Austin Walton 2022 WORCS RD9
Austin Walton descended in the sand section, but quickly came back up and finished with a strong pace to secure second place overall in his home country. Photo by Harlen Foley

Beta’s Dare Demartile took control of third place on lap four and he held the spot for the rest of the race, finishing about three minutes behind the two riders in front of him.

Tyler Lynn (Kawasaki) and Tallon LaFountaine (Honda) complete the top five.

Hoeft finished seventh and Hymas retired mid-race.

It was much the same for little brother Mateo. In the 250cc Pro race, Mateo Oliveira took the lead on lap three and gradually pulled away from Honda rider Jack Simpson for the win. Oliveira took the ladies about 30 seconds ahead of Simpson. And Kai Aiello (Husqvarna), who started almost last, worked his way up to third, with Colton Aeck (KTM) taking fourth and Noah Viney (Honda) fifth.

“An awesome day and an awesome year at WORCS,” Oliveira said. “Today was hot, rough and sandy, but I was able to get off to a poor start and then get into the lead pretty quickly. Then I just kept pace with second-place rider Jack for the whole lap. race. It was driving well. I’m delighted. It was a good year, and I finally got the championship.

Brandy Richards 2022 WORCS Round 9
KTM-mounted rider Jace Allred took the Pro Am victory, while KTM-backed rider Brandy Richards (pictured) took second place. Richards is also having a perfect season in the Women’s Pro category.

KTM had a good weekend with Jace Allred leading all laps en route to winning the ProAm race just ahead of Women’s Pro winner KTM Brandy Richards, who is yet to finish less than first all round. year.

Yamaha-rider Jason Fichera finished third overall in ProAm on his first test.

WORCS 2022 Round 9 Results


  1. Dante Oliveira (KTM)
  2. Austin Walton (Hus)
  3. Dare Demartile (Bet)
  4. Tyler Lynn (Kaw)
  5. Tallon LaFontaine (Hon)


  1. Mateo Oliveira (KTM)
  2. Jack Simpson (honoured)
  3. Kai Aiello (Hus)
  4. Colton Aeck (KTM)
  5. Noah Viney (honored)

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