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Walking around the city center and admiring our handmade sculptures or walking into a local business to see the walls full of photographs or handmade artwork during the Art Crawl will show and support the creativity of our local artists.

Other fun events include, but are by no means limited to, the Live After Five concerts, the pumpkin festival, plays, an amazing film festival, the beer festival, the annual cycle race, the wine march or several other events for children to fill the streets bouncing from a nervous house to a nervous house.

Being born and raised in Statesville, I saw the city flourish into the beautifully cultivated community that it is today. One of my favorite places to visit as a kid was Lakewood Park, now named Martin Luther King Jr. Park, or if you ask one of my three kids, “Duck Park”. Martin Luther King Jr. Park is one of many different parks spread across Statesville, but it is perhaps the most photographed with its famous fountain backdrop, featured in framed ball photos across the county.

Everyone has their own reason or memory that holds them here, whether it’s meeting the mayor for a quick chat on his morning stroll, having a roast espresso, or making a late lunch at Lake Mountain. Coffee, devouring the famous shrimp and oatmeal at Twisted Oak American Bar and Grill, or being rocked and amazed by our local musicians and performers, Statesville will always feel right at home, a home I could never really run away from. Ditto for children who come back several times, as well-balanced adults, returning home to start their own family.


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