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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The first National Endurance Sports Conference is back!

USA Triathlon’s fourth annual Endurance Exchange returns in January 2023, and it returns to its original in-person format. The three-day convention runs Jan. 23-26 in Austin, Texas.

Endurance Exchange gives coaches, race directors, club officers, athletes, officials and other multisport stakeholders the opportunity to network and learn from industry experts and participants on a variety of topics. Below are testimonials of how past Endurance Exchange attendees have benefited from the conference:

Jen Myers, ATP triathlon coach

“It’s one of the best conferences I’ve been to. Everyone is so open and humble and want to help you as a coach and share their knowledge. You will come away with so much more than you had. You owe it to your athletes and fellow coaches to pass on this value and knowledge.”

Kyle Jensen, Kronos Triathlon Club Coach

“The whole point of this conference is the people you meet. You learn real-world insights that are super applicable to the industry and the exact situations I experience every day.”

Eric Byrnes, 2020 Endurance Exchange Keynote Speaker

“Every year there are new technologies and innovations that we have to keep up with. It’s beneficial for us to learn. It’s all part of the process of expanding the sport and expanding everything we do within from the community.”

Victoria Brumfield, Acting CEO of US Triathlon

“Endurance Exchange is the place to be. It’s a place to learn, network and share best practices. It’s the best way to start the year. Every day starts with a training session. fun workout, whether it’s fitness, running, or maybe cycling, it’s a great experience to stay physically fit and have a little fun along the way.

“You will come away with so much more than you had. You owe it to your athletes and fellow coaches to pass on that value and knowledge.” -Jen Myers

Mike Reilly, co-founder of Triathlon Business International

“This is the business of triathlon, this is about creating better events for our participants. It’s about being a better salesperson, being a better coach. You want to get better at what you do every year, and this conference will help you get started on that for the year.

“Listen to your peers talk about what they do at their event, how they run their business. Everyone shares a lot here. You learn from a peer in the business. You have to be at this conference to learn from your peers.”

Andre Quirino, Race Director of Multirace LLC

“It’s a major networking place. It’s all your friends. Every time you come home you bring back something interesting and apply it to your own events. Definitely come. Come and you’ll learn a lot about marketing and sponsorship. It’s the bread and butter of your events. You have to be here.”

Endurance Exchange registration is in progress. Learn more about Endurance Exchange and register now.


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