Video: Is the Kawasaki KDX200 the Best Budget Race Bike?


What is the best cheap off-road racing bike? According to Torture Test Magazine, it could be the Kawasaki KDX200, and man, they probably convinced us. See below:

After seeing this video I was immediately filled with envy, to the lucky bugger who managed to score one of these classic enduro bikes for the low price of $220, to buy it and run it . Someone call the Robbery and Homicide Division, ’cause it kills me that someone stole a KDX for that price. Why can’t I ever find these offers?

As always, Torture Test Magazine lives up to its name and absolutely whips this thing through a series of endurance races, because you know, it’s the sensible thing to do with an old dirt bike. It lost a few parts along the way, but as the video shows, this is a machine that will give you 90% of the results of a modern bike for 20% of the money, while delivering 100% of the fun. That’s the kind of math we can get!

And since Torture Test has a long history of flogging many older Japanese dirt bikes, here’s an older video showing its review of another one KDX200, about three years ago. You got the idea; Torture test love these machines, and for good reason. The problem is, they buy them all and tear them to shreds, and leave none for the rest of us!

By the way, if you are curious how this KDX held firm, here is a preview of the engine:


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