Video: Aaron Gwin prepares for the 2022 racing season in episode 1 of “Going for Six”


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In 2011, Aaron Gwin became the first person to win 5 World Cups in a single season. He won the overall series title that year and became a household name in mountain biking. With 20 World Cup victories, 5 World Cup titles and 8 US National Championships to his name, Aaron Gwin is one of the greatest downhill racers of all time.

“Aaron Gwin. Going for Six” is a video series created for cycling fans and enthusiasts around the world, showcasing the highs and lows of a professional rider’s experiences during the 2022 World Cup season.” Going for Six” will provide an inside, intimate view of the World Cup series, as it was experienced by Aaron.

As the 2022 racing season progresses, Aaron will share his insights and strategies regarding competitors, training, team relationships, conditioning, technique, pro tips, products, conditioning physical and mental, course analysis, etc. We’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a World Cup athlete in pursuit of podium finishes and a World Championship title.

Each episode of “Going for Six” will be created around racing events. Aaron is the content driver and will be dictating the story as we follow. Six episodes will be created in partnership with e*thirteen and Aaron Gwin during the 2022 World Cup series.

Episode 1: Three weeks before the start of the World Cup series in France, Aaron and his Intense Factory Racing team mechanic, John Hall, went into overdrive during testing and practice at Fontana, California, where Gwin’s professional career began. Aaron talks about his debut in jeans during the Fontana DH series while connecting with the locals and dialing in his prototype 2022 race rig for the tough season ahead. As we wrap up Episode 1, Aaron is packing up and moving his family from California to Tennessee as he prepares for the start of the season.

Follow the ‘Going for Six’ series with Aaron Gwin as he battles for his 6th World Championship title.

I’m excited to give my fans a “behind the scenes” look at my season as it unfolds this year. It will also be fun to shoot in different locations and show what an average day looks like for me as we train and travel. Above all, I hope to show people a side of my life that they normally don’t see much outside of the races.”Aaron Gvin

Video credit: Brock VanHeel | Photos: Paul Olmedo

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