Video: a driver’s perspective on the Trans Cascadia race


The Trans-Cascadia is more than a bike race. In our mind, it’s a five-day highlight of all the truest aspects of mountain biking. A visceral backcountry driving experience, you are transported away from civilization, with no cell service, camping in the woods and nothing but the driving days to worry about. You are totally immersed in the culture of mountain biking.

With little more than a physical map and a few quick highlights from the organizers, you set off on the adventure of the day every morning. The rough and sandy wilderness style trails are the general theme. Sitting on high peaks, crossing ridges and diving on rarely used trails are must-sees on every stage. Even more astonishing is the effort to open up and revitalize these little-used trails. The majority of each route has never been ridden by bike, much would be impossible without the months of hard work and dedication that the organizers put in to breathe new life into these forgotten trails.

Unlike most cycling events which quickly fade once riders get home, the Trans-Cascadia leaves a lasting impact on the region with improved trails and expanded riding possibilities.

New Zealand

Alicia Leggett of Pinkbike also raced the Trans Cascadia this year. You can read her article on the 5 things I learned at Trans Cascadia here.


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