Update: Chloe Woodruff resigns from Olympic squad, replaced by Erin Huck after refereeing

Chloe Woodruff has resigned from the U.S. Olympic Mountain Bike Team for personal reasons, USA Cycling announced today in a statement. The U.S. national champion placed 14th at the 2016 Olympics in Rio and had planned to race in Tokyo as the third member of the U.S. team alongside Kate Courtney and Haley Batten. Unlike Courtney and Batten, who qualified automatically on the basis of their results, Woodruff was selected by an American cycling committee for third place.

Erin Huck, who will replace Woodruff, is currently ranked 26th in the World Cup standings after placing 15th in Albstadt, 16th in Nove Mesto and not having raced in Leogang. Like many members of the Long Olympic team, she was heartbroken when she was not initially selected. The exact events between Woodruff’s selection for the team and Huck’s subsequent resignation and his taking his place are unclear, but multiple sources say there was an arbitration process. No one has said whether Woodruff resigned during or after the conflict.

According to Associated press“The decision of the eight-member USA Cycling selection committee to choose Woodruff over Huck was so close it led to Huck seeking an arbitration hearing,” a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press. . anonymity because these hearings take place behind closed doors and are not considered to be common knowledge. “

Filmmaker and photographer Allen Krughoff shared a celebratory post on Instagram that originally included the paragraph, “The referee agreed the selection committee did not follow their own protocol, leaving Erin out of the squad , and sent the decision back to the selection committee for reassessment. Prop to Erin for defending what she saw as a deserved place on the team. “This section now reads [redacted].

It is certainly true that Huck has shown better form this year than Woodruff, who placed 30th at Albstadt and 64th at Nove Mesto and is currently 41st overall in the World Cup after jumping Leogang. It makes sense that many expected the team’s third place to go to Huck.

USA Cycling, however, denies that Krughoff’s version of the story is true. In a message to Bill Schieken from CX HAIR who shared screenshots of Krughoff’s post, USA Cycling wrote: “The information Allen posted is not accurate. Yes, an arbitration was underway. However, this decision was made by Chloe herself and not the result of arbitration. We are working to correct Allen Post, ” according to Schieken.

Huck also deleted an Instagram post about the situation and then reposted it with the mention of the arbitration removed, according to screenshots by Ryan Simonovich, who posted a Twitter thread which details the saga.

Huck, now 40 years old and living in Tuscon, Arizona, started mountain biking in her late twenties. She developed as a recreational runner while working as an engineering program manager, eventually securing a discretionary spot on the US World Championships squad after a strong performance at the US Nationals. Things snowballed from there, and she has spent most of the past decade as one of America’s top professional female runners and one of the top 20 female runners on the international stage.

For the past few years, she and the other members of the Long Olympic Team have worked together to earn as many UCI points as possible so that the United States will secure a third place in the Women’s Olympic. After the Games were postponed to 2020, the so-called “US-Slay” team organized their own training camp to help each other become the best they can be. While they were tough competitors, they all played their part in creating a remarkably strong team together.

With the Olympics opening in a few weeks, it’s almost time for all of this work to kick in. We reached out to Chloe Woodruff and Erin Huck for further comment. We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.


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