Transport Minister Grant Shapps hospitalized after bicycle accident; The stages of the Giro d’Italia unveiled; Homemade electric bike; Egan Bernal denies Ineos’ breakup; Crazy climbing + more on the live blog


Boris Johnson’s Transport Minister Grant Shapps was hospitalized this weekend after “getting off” his bike. Shapps said he was treated at QEII Hospital in Welwyn Garden City and Lister Hospital, where he was “treated” on Saturday before “a minor operation on my lip today. [Sunday]”.

The MP for Welwyn Hatfield in Hertfordshire took a moment to thank his bicycle helmet, “without which it could have been worse”.

Perhaps inevitably some people reacted by pointing out that Shapps was as well positioned as anyone to influence people wearing helmets … this weekend worth £ 5,000 and yet I won’t pay £ 20 for a helmet. Glad you are safe and recovering. “

Although the government has repeatedly said it will not impose mandatory helmets, the issue has been raised several times by party MPs. In 2019, former Tory MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock Bill Grant said the government should step in to protect cyclists by making helmets mandatory.

In 2015, David Cameron’s Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said he didn’t wear a helmet when cycling in London, but did when he cycled “furiously” in the city. Yorkshire. Goodwill pointed out that mandatory helmets can deter people from cycling and that “the health benefits of cycling in terms of heart disease and obesity and all the rest far outweigh the number of people killed and injured. using bicycles “.


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