Adult-friendly Stripchat offers £ 20million deal to cash-strapped Inter Milan


Club crates should have been bled by COVID

The coronavirus ended up disrupting the most financially stable clubs and Inter Milan could not prevent the effect of the pandemic either.

Despite being in the arms of one of the richest football owners in the world, Inter Milan are on the verge of not making basic monthly payments to their players. The club have already blocked payment of their installments for Achraf Hakimi at Real Madrid, citing a complete lack of funds at the club.

The Stripchat interface

The current stalemate with the tire manufacturers Pirelli added to the Italian side’s woes. Although the two have enjoyed a giant 30-year association with Pirelli acting as sponsors of the club’s jersey, the tire company recently decided to part ways with Inter Milan.

The deal which was worth £ 10million a year leaves Inter Milan in a new dilemma. However, adult company Stripchat was quick to offer the Serie A giants a way out of their quagmire.

Stripchat Send a detailed offer

In an unprecedented series of events, Inter Milan have been offered £ 20million from adult cam site Stripchat to act as their shirt sponsors. The company’s vice-president, Max Bennett, sent a proposal to the club as well as a conceptualization of the shirt in the colors of AC Milan.

“While you’re currently in talks with new sponsors about a more lucrative shirt sponsorship deal, I wanted to add Stripchat – a leading adult live cam company – to the mix,” Bennett reportedly wrote as ‘he presented his offer. “We would be willing to pay $ 28 million to sponsor the Inter Milan shirt. There is a strong crossover between our fan bases, ”Max wrote in his proposal.

Inter Milan are reportedly currently looking for a cash injection of £ 140million in a bid to keep the club running smoothly next season. The club have also delayed the payment of striker Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United.

While it remains to be seen whether the party’s predicament would prompt it to opt for Stripchat as a sponsor, reports from Italy indicate that Chinese property development company Evergrande Group is set to replace Pirelli.

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