Thibau Nys’ participation in the Worlds questioned after a crash at the Belgians U23


Thibau Nys (Baloise Trek Lions) had high hopes for his first appearance in the men’s Under-23 race at the Belgian National Cyclo-cross Championships, but crashed during Sunday’s competition in Middlekerke. Winner of the Belgian junior cyclo-cross title in 2020, Nys was in the top 10 of the 63-rider field when he fell hard and sought medical attention.

The left shoulder injury was a big cause for concern as he broke his collarbone in October in an accident during the World Cup race in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Surgery to repair the fracture with a plate was performed in Belgium after a return flight, and Nys was back on the X2O Series podium at Koppenbergcross three weeks later, where he finished third.

“Like the whole season the sand was a disaster,” Nys said Het Laatste Nieuws after her day ended early. “I was driving on the left side of a track to get into the turn better, but I got in a little bit harder and rolled into a deep hole and lost my mind. My own mistake. I collapsed completely, I had back pain.

“I now know how I feel, so I’m afraid of breaking my collarbone for the fifth time. the [plate] is still there. I don’t know what that means, I’m not a doctor, but the chances of making it to the World Cup seem very low to me. “

The injury was assessed shortly after at Herentals hospital, where he was taken by team doctor Jan Mathieu to see specialist Toon Claes.

“It’s an AC subluxation, which is the joint that connects the collarbone to the scapula. This joint has been dislocated for a while, but he hasn’t had a new fracture. He will need to rest for a while, but surgery is not necessary, ”said Dr Mathieu to Het Laatste Nieuws.

“The [plate] must have absorbed the shock. It was his chance. Otherwise, we could have had a complicated broken collarbone. “

The Baloise Trek Lions confirmed in a statement on their social media that Nys will not need surgery, but his recovery will be closely watched over the next week to see if he can participate in the next step. of the World Cup in Flamanville, January 16. The injury also puts his entry to the World Championships in Fayetteville, Arkansas, which follows two weeks after Flamanville.

“Thibau will not be operated on, but will be registered to help with recovery. Thibau will certainly be in good shape for the World Cup round in Flamanville to be able to recover optimally. Over the next ten days we will see how his recovery progresses, ”said his team.

Nys, the son of cross country legend Sven Nys, is the current U23 leader of the X2O Trofee series, having won the last three competitions in order, in Loenhout on December 30, followed by GP Sven Nys in Baal on the 1st January and four days later in Herentals. He is the reigning junior world champion, having won the 2020 event in Switzerland; the 2021 junior races did not take place at the Worlds due to COVID-19 precautions. Two seasons ago, as a junior he also won the European Championship, Superprestige Series and the World Cup title.

As Nys left the national championship course for medical treatment on Sunday, the Under-23 battle was fought with 20-year-old Emiel Verstrynge (Tormans-Circus Cyclo Cross Team) taking a 12-second victory over Jente Michels (Alpecin-Fenix). Still 16 seconds behind the pace, Joran Wyseure (Tormans-Circus Cyclo Cross Team) won the bronze medal.

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