The triathlon hosts the first fall home meet in the history of the program



Lake Hickory, NC – The Lenoir-Rhyne Women’s Triathlon Team is hosting their first and only home race of the season. After their recent national championship qualification and victory in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, the team hosted an invitation from Carolina. The Bears faced Queens University, Wingate University and Newberry College. LR placed third in the overall team classification.

Instead of a full sprint distance race that would take place in national qualifying, the athletes ran a super sprint, cutting the distance in half to a 375-meter open-water swim, a 10-kilometer bike and a 2.5 km race. Running is faster than a sprint distance and takes less than 40 minutes for athletes.

First-year student Kayla ribbin led the team in the swim with a time of 6:05, placing them in the chase pack behind two athletes from Wingate and another from Queens. On the bike, and throughout the race, she placed first for the LR team, with a fifth place overall. In the second chase pack, Franziska neck, in the same way Chloe Telian, Andie Kuipers, and Nanette Nikolajsen worked hard together to get into powerful positions for the race. Freshman Neck had the 6e fastest race time of the day, placing her in the top ten.

Noticed by the head coach Bryant howard, “The strong runs were led by rookies Franziska and Kayla.”

After finishing on the podium, the team competes in the Eastern Regional Qualifier at Smith Mountain Lake.

Overall team results

  1. Queens University – 20 pts
  2. Wingate University – 28 pts
  3. Lenoir-Rhyne University- 40

LR pavers (Square)

  1. Kayla ribbin (34: 02/5e)
  2. Franziska neck (35: 53/10e)
  3. Chloe Telian (36: 30/12e)
  4. Andie Kuipers (36: 49/13e)
  5. Therese Vesely (36: 54/14e)
  6. Nanette Nikolajsen (37: 00/15e)
  7. Sayti board (38: 54/19e)
  8. Paige Ewald (39: 36/20e)



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