The Marijuana Inquisition returns to Idaho


With a marijuana dispensary about to open at the doorstep of Twin Falls, now is a good time to get a taste of the attractions to come. The traffic between the city and Jackpot, Nevada will increase dramatically. This happened between Boise and Ontario, Oregon, when dispensaries opened in the latter. I drove there a few summers ago. You may recall that I spotted 40 cars in the parking lot. Three from Oregon, one from Canada and 36 from Idaho. It was empirical. I looked at the license plates.

people are not bothered by their use of marijuana. It almost looks like they are proud users

I entered with a camera around my neck. I had been seen taking pictures outside. No one seemed to be paying attention to me. In other words, people are not bothered by their use of marijuana. It almost looks like they are proud users. During a legalization debate at my old high school, a teacher joked about the intensity of the pro-pot argument. “You guys get taller just talking about this than I do with a six pack,” he said. It was 1978 and we still have these discussions here.

People think I am the Torquemada of the opposition to marijuana. I don’t care if you smoke at home. I object to children being exposed and I don’t want you to drive until you have peace of mind. A lot of people in law enforcement share my point of view. They just don’t like scratching your leftovers on a freeway. Or worse, the remains of people you might meet if you drive drunk.

I believe it was Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. who said your right to swing your fist ends at the end of his nose. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

Oh, and the liberals who claim it should be legal are often the same ones who insist that other people’s eating habits need to be controlled. Because the Liberals claim it weighs on the health care industry and possibly their own wallets. In other words, they don’t want to pay for your bad habits. Check out this link from the Washington Examiner. It seems that marijuana is not harmless.

In 1978 one of the pro-pot arguments I heard was alcohol and cigarettes were much worse. True! Yet that’s like saying hitting yourself on the head three times with a hammer is horrible, but once it’s good.

Freedom is a choice. Be aware.

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