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03/11/2021 at 12:23 CET

Good news for mountain lovers. The event Cycling & Trail Fenix, which held its first edition last January, has already started preparations for 2022 to be one of the tests that opens the year for both mountain biking and mountain racing.

The race promoted by the Gran Canaria Cabildo Sports Institute started with your registration period. As in its inaugural edition, the race will take place over two days and with two stages of great beauty, giving participants the opportunity to combine the two disciplines or choose only one.

The event will resume the format that was so popular last January. Thus, participants of the combined modality will have the opportunity to enter an exclusive ranking, adding the times they complete in the two races. The distances, dates and rankings are broken down as follows:

Fenix ​​bike: 30 kilometers, Santa Lucía de Tirajana (Saturday January 29)

Long Fenix ​​Trail: 25 kilometers, Tejeda (Sunday January 30)

Senix Fénix Corta: 12 kilometers, Tejeda (Sunday January 30)

Combined: Fénix Bike + Fénix Trail Long

Therefore, the event is divided into two days of maximum emotion. In the first, the participants of the Fénix Bike will be put to the test in a beautiful tour of the surroundings of La Sorrueda, in the town of Santa Lucia de Tirajana. The 30 kilometers and nearly 1,000 meters of accumulated positive elevation gain will include technical sections and sectors where you can enjoy landscapes that, in the winter of Gran Canaria, promise to be exceptional.

For its part, Phoenix trail It will be held on Sunday with the nerve center located at El Garañón Lodge, in the summit town of Tejeda. Here, runners will be able to choose between the Long Distance, 25 kilometers, or the Short 12. Both they cross some of the most emblematic trails of Gran Canaria, with the promotion of Roque Nublo and the descent to the towns of Tejeda as a jewel of the race.

In addition, as a great novelty, the Senix Fénix will be included in the program of the Transgrancanaria HG training camp, which is a major attraction for runners who land on the island from outside Gran Canaria to recognize the test route which will take place in March. This training camp will end on Sunday with the Fénix Trail race, after two more days of training and coexistence in El Garañón.

The Cycling & Trail Fénix, stand between January 29-30, 2022, is an event promoted by the Institute of Sports of Cabildo de Gran Canaria and organized by Periphery events.


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