Speculation Tour Down Under and Cadel Evans races may host events ahead of September Worlds


The organizers of the Tour Down Under and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race have neither confirmed nor denied that plans are being discussed to host a special edition of their races in September 2022 ahead of the UCI Road World Championships in Wollongong. .

Both races were taken from the 2022 international start-of-season calendar due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the World Championships in Australia could create an opportunity for new events.

Louis Cousaert, the organizer of the Eurométropole Tour, recently told the Belgian newspaper DH Sports that he had heard “rumors” about the Australian races to be held in September.

The addition of races in Australia ahead of the World Championships and the need to travel to the country a bit earlier could trigger a reshuffle of race dates in September. This could affect the Eurometropolis Tour, the Benelux Tour, the Tour de Bretagne, the Grand Prix cycliste de Québec and the Grand Prix cycliste de Montréal in Canada, as well as several one-day races in Europe.

The 2022 Vuelta a España is scheduled from August 19 to September 11, with the other races battling to provide an alternate race schedule for the end of the summer.

The 2022 World Championships are scheduled for September 18-25, with runners expected to need at least a week in Australia in advance to overcome travel and jet lag. Additional races in Australia could help runners acclimatize, stay fit, and share the cost of Australia travel and accommodation.

Future rescheduled races would also help put the Tour Down Under and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race back on the map of international sporting events after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tour Down Under is traditionally the first UCI international race of the year with its men’s WorldTour stage race and women’s round ranked 2.Pro. Instead of their canceled international event, organizers have pledged to hold a national cycling festival from January 21-29, 2022, including four days of national road races for men and women.

The Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race in Victoria – which hosts both a WorldTour and Women’s WorldTour day race – has canceled the start of the season races, but said at the time of the announcement that it was “currently exploring the opportunities to organize an international cycling event. later in 2022 ”.

Media contact for the state’s running tourism and events group, Visit Victoria, said Cycling news that there has been no further statement at this stage.

On Monday, the Tour Down Under did not confirm or deny whether holding some sort of race in September was an option being considered.

When asked if the organization plans to host the Tour Down Under international event later in 2022 around the World Championships in Wollongong, they responded with a comment in view of January 2023.

“The Australian cycling community meets in South Australia every January and the Santos Tour Down Under is committed to returning as the first race on the UCI road cycling calendar in 2023,” the Tourism Commission said. South Australia. Cycling news.

“We can’t wait to see everyone here. ”

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