Soraya Paladin: Strength in Numbers Will Help Us Succeed in Spring Classics


Canyon-SRAM has bolstered its Classics team with new recruit Soraya Paladin, who says she will be aiming for all three Ardennes Classics in 2022.

“I prefer tough courses and tough races,” said the powerful Italian driver, who believes the strengthened squad composition will give them strength in numbers in one-day races.

“My big goals will be the Ardennes Classics. We have a strong team and so the main goals are to have a lot of cards to play in the final. I think we can get big results if we have a strong team in the final with some -one of us, and where everyone can help each other and have a chance to win as a team,” Paladin said. Cycling news.

Canyon-SRAM will begin its Classics campaign with a team that includes new recruits Pauliena Rooijakkers, Soraya Paladin, Shari Bossuyt and Paladin, as well as returning riders Chloe Dygert, Elise Chabbey, Tiffany Cromwell and Kasia Niewiadoma, to name a few. only a few.

“Sometimes last year I was alone in front and it was difficult to play the game. I think this year it will be different and fun to race with the team,” said Paladin.

“When Canyon-SRAM asked me to sign, I thought they were a well organized team, and if I wanted to take the next step in my career, I had to find a team that could teach me how to win races, and where I could grow as a rider.”

She joins the Liv Racing team where she finished 5th in the Trofeo Alfredo Binda and the Amstel Gold Race, and 7th in La Course last year.

“I can handle short climbs and maybe five kilometers at most. I prefer hard courses and hard races, for example, the Trofeo Alfredo Binda and the Ardennes Classics. I miss that big sprint, but I’m working on it”, said Paladin. .

Paladin cited similar strengths to teammate Niewiadoma on powerful one-day runs and is looking forward to having two cards to play on hard-hitting ground.

“It will be fun to work together,” she said of Niewiadoma. “A few times last year we were alone in the lead in the most difficult races. It will be our objectives this year to be there with the two of us and to work together. If there are two of you, you can talk and know who is feeling better, sprinting or not, depending on the race. It’s a compliment to be similar runners on a team.

She will also participate in the Giro d’Italia Donne from July 1 to 10 where she is aiming for stage wins, not the GC. She hopes that with the revival of the Tour de France Women (July 24-31), her home race will move onto the calendar in May.

“If you really want to get into the GC, you have to choose between the Giro or the Tour. It’s good to have those two big races and so we are ready for that, and we can manage both, and race the two. There are several days in between to recover well. It’s a great opportunity for women’s cycling,” Paladin said.

“Yes, the dream would be to have the Giro at the same time as the men’s race. At least it’s good to have a Giro, and we have to prepare like that, but it’s good that they organize this race. It would be good, in the future, to have the race in May.”


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