Skylar Schneider Wins Women’s Crown at Sunny King Criterium

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Criterium of the Sunny King

Skylar Schneider wins the Sunny King Criterium (Image credit: Sara Walker / SKC photographer)
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Sunny King Criterium Women

The sprint for victory at the Sunny King Criterium (Image credit: Sara Walker / SKC photographer)
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Sunny King Criterium Women

Sunny King Criterium Women’s Field (Image credit: Sara Walker / SKC photographer)
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Sunny King Criterium Women

Kendall Ryan at the Sunny King Criterium (Image credit: Sara Walker / SKC photographer)
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Sunny King Criterium Women

Kendall Ryan at the Sunny King Criterium (Image credit: Sara Walker / SKC photographer)
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Sunny King Criterium Women

Skylar Schneider in front of the Sunny King Criterium (Image credit: Sara Walker / SKC photographer)

Skylar Schneider continued the winning streak for L39ION of Los Angeles by taking the crown at the Sunny King Criterium for Professional Women. His teammate Alexis Ryan provided the launch pad for the blistering move as the uphill finish in downtown Anniston on Saturday night under the lights.

From a large leading group, Maggie Coles-Lyster (DNA Pro Cycling Team) made a late move to take second on the line, with Ryan securing third place in the leading pack of 12 riders, who all finished with the same time, 1:03:11.

With this victory, Skylar Schneider takes first place in the American Criterium Cup for elite women. The Sunny King Criterium, now in its 20th year, was the main event of the 10-race American series, offering support and prizes totaling $100,000 at the end of the season, to be split equally between men and women.

“Anniston is one of my favorite cities to race and we were really happy to be here. I’ve been coming here since I was 15 to win and I’ve done it,” Skylar Schneider told the line. finish.” Coming into the last corner, I knew I had to do it because [my teammates] put it on the line. It’s great to take the win tonight and be able to wear the crown!”

Now 23, Schneider finished fourth in her first Anniston appearance in 2015. The following year, she moved up a spot while teammate and sister Sam Schneider took the win for the IS Corp team.

“It’s a tough course and the wind on the course made it more difficult. We had to change our original team plan halfway through the race because the wind was stronger than expected, making a breakaway nearly impossible.

Before the race, Skylar told Cyclingnews that if the race was aggressive, the uphill final finish, which “doesn’t look like much”, would make the difference. She was right.

Halfway through the hour-long match, L39ION put several riders up front to pick up the pace and was joined by Coles-Lyster, as well as Anna Christian and Shannon Koch of Colavita-Factor Pro Cycling. The move was called off, but four minutes later Cara O’Neill (Colavita-Factor Pro Cycling) launched one of her many attacks. Along with teammate Christina Gokey-Smith, Skylar Schneider and two others, the move only lasted a few laps.

The 36-rider field stayed together as the sun set over the small Alabama town, Alexis Ryan shaking up the proceedings with 11 laps to go and then O’Neill making a counterattack. After that assault was called off, she tried one last time with four laps to go, which sent the peloton spinning in single file. Kendall Ryan then closed the gap and it was all L39ION for the final three laps.

Women’s team L39ION were the team to beat on Saturday, having swept the top four spots last month at Birmingham Hammerfest – Alexis Ryan taking victory, her sister Kendall Ryun in third and Schneider sisters Skylar and Sam in second and fourth , respectively.

The streak continues May 21 in Rochester, New York, for the MVP Health Care Rochester Twilight Criterium. The bulk of the series features seven races in seven states during the summer months and concludes on Labor Day, September 5, with the Benton Park Classic, the fourth and final day of the Bommarito Audi Gateway Cup. .

pos. Rider name (country) Team Result
1 Skylar Schneider (L39ION Los Angeles) 1:03:11
2 Maggie Coles-lyster (DNA Pro cycling team) 0:00:01
3 Alexis Ryan (L39ION Los Angeles)
4 Paola Munoz (ETF CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs)
5 Diana Penuela (DNA Pro cycling team) 0:00:02
6 Taylor Kuyk-White (Philly Bike Expo) 0:00:03
7 Stephanie Halamek (Philly Bike Expo p/b VeloJawn) 0:00:04
8 Haley Smith (ATX Wolfpack p/b ProBikeKit)
9 Kaitlyn Rauwerda (DNA Pro Cycling Team)
ten Rachel Plessing (ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK) 0:00:05
11 Anna Christian (Colavita Factor_ Pro Cycling)
12 Andrea Cyr (ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK)
13 Verena Eberhardt (ATX Wolfpack p/b ProBikeKit) 0:00:07
14 Alexi Costa (ETF CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs)
15 Allison McCurry (AUTOMATIC | ABUS RACING)
16 Debbie Milne ( 0:00:08
17 Cara O’Neill (Colavita Factor_Pro Cycling Team)
18 Mel Dorman (Shadow Elite)
19 Christina Gokey-smith (Colavita Factor _Pro Cycling) 0:00:09
20 Sarah Schuetter (Robson Forensic P/B Extra Sweet)
21 Jessica Bonilla Escapite (ETF CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs) 0:00:10
22 Shannon Koch (Colavita Factor_ Pro Cycling)
23 Ava Sykes (ETF CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs) 0:00:11
24 Loren Morgan (Robson Forensic/Extra Sweet) 0:00:12
25 Kendall Ryan (L39ION Los Angeles) 0:00:14
26 Caitlin Milne ( 0:00:15
27 Samantha Schneider (L39ION from Los Angeles) 0:00:34
28 Kimberly Lucie (DNA Pro cycling team) 0:00:39
29 Andrea Buttine (ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK) 0:01:29
30 Paige Kostanecki (ButcherBox Cycling p/b LOOK)
32 Katia Martinez (ETF CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs)
33 Julyn Aguila (L39ION Los Angeles)
34 Leigh Dukeman (ETF CWA Racing p/b Goldman Sachs) 0:01:53
35 Amalia Langham (ATX Wolfpack p/b ProBikeKit)
36 Julianna Simpson (4D Racing)

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