Shimano introduces new RX8 and RX8R gravel shoes


Shimano have released updates to their gravel shoes, blending racing performance and gravel riding, offering a lightweight, breathable construction that offers an even improved fit.

RX8 Gravel Running Shoes

Upgrading Shimano’s popular featherweight RX8 gravel racing shoe, the updated RX801 model fills big shoes (pun intended entirely) with the outgoing RX800 highly rated by Rides of Japan and others.

The new RX801 offers a more breathable design, with a super-stiff and efficient carbon outsole designed to withstand intense efforts on the bike.

Combining the best performance features of Shimano’s top-of-the-line mountain bike and road racing shoes in a shoe that balances pedaling performance and off-the-bike capability, the RX801 is your all-mountain gravel shoe optimized for gravel runners, Gran Fondo racers and weekend cyclists. look alike.

Performance-optimized fit

Whether you’re riding smooth gravel roads or climbing big forest roads, Shimano emphasizes that the RX801 offers maximum efficiency and comfort on all types of terrain. A wider contact area and integrated heel stabilizer increase control while the Surround Wrapping Upper construction hugs the foot for an optimal fit.

The new low-profile Boa Li2 dial features a rubber grip that offers quick and precise micro-adjustments on the fly, preventing any pressure points on those longer adventurous runs. Combined with Shimano’s Dynalast technology, this ensures the foot is securely held in place, while a stiff and lightweight carbon composite sole provides a strong and stable shoe/pedal interface.

RX8R Gravel Race Adventure Shoes

Shimano RX8R studio shot on white backgroundThe new RX801R gravel adventure running shoe offers all the performance features of the RX801 shoes, but with a snug-fitting knitted ankle cuff that boosts protection against sand, gravel and rocks.

The integrated gaiter eliminates the space between the foot and the shoe for protection against the elements and provides unparalleled long-distance comfort. Ready to follow you wherever the road takes you, the stretch knit ankle cuff is designed to keep water, dust and debris out of your shoes so you can focus on the road.

Jessie Gascon, Shimano Soft-Goods Product Manager, comments: “The RX8 Rally concept was inspired by my favorite local ride called the Trabuco Creek Trail, which is full of unique jungle tracks, multiple creek crossings and so many sand. Sometimes I avoided the road to keep my feet dry and free of stones, but not anymore!

Shimano RX8R ported.  Rider standing on the forest floor.

In the UK, Shimano is distributed by Madison.


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