SCORE 2022 Baja 400 Results


Personal News Cycle | September 20, 2022

Juan Carlos Salvatierra, along with teammates Arturo Salas, Shane Logan and Clayton Roberts, won overall moto and Pro Moto Unlimited (400cc and up) at the SCORE Baja 400, September 16-19. It was the third straight Baja 400 victory for Salvatierra, who is a nine-time Bolivian national motocross champion.

The team, aboard a KTM 450 SX-F, overcame adversity early in the race when their bike refused to start. About 30 minutes later they got the bike going and started their comeback which took them to the front of the field at the end of the race, about eight and a half hours later. They averaged 43.72 mph over the 370-mile course.

“We are very happy to have won this race after having a problem early in the morning,” said Salvatierra at the finish line. “The bike wouldn’t start and it took us 30 minutes to get it running. Arturo did a great job of starting our comeback, and Clayton gained quite a few positions as well. I was able to put us in first place and Shane kept us there until the finish line.

The Juan Carlos Salvatierra team dominated this year’s SCORE Baja 400. PHOTO: ART EUGENIO/SCORE INT’L

“Most of the time we also had a problem with our antenna and we weren’t sure what position we were in,” he added. “We are relieved to be here and very happy with what we have done.”

Team Ivan Delgadillo, with riders Delgadillo, Justin Carnes, Brad Millikan and Justin Kennamer, finished second.

Fernando Beltran, Luis Flores, Larry Serna, Mauri Herrera and Javier Salazar combined to win the Pro Moto Limited (400cc and under), while the Jano Montoya team (Montoya, Bryce Stavron, David Zarate and Kyle Tichenor) won dominated the Pro Moto 30.

Francisco Septien was the Pro Moto Ironman class winner in nine hours and 40.48 seconds. NC

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