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LINCOLN, Mont. – This weekend (September 16-17), the Scapegoat Wilderness celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Scapegoat Wilderness was the first community-led wilderness initiative in the country.

Residents of Lincoln, Montana are hosting a family celebration to celebrate the wild scapegoat and highlight a new land management proposal.

They advocate keeping its public lands nearby, including expanding the southern boundary of the scapegoat.

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According to the Wilderness Society, Lincoln depends on its public lands now, just as they did 5 decades ago.

Today, the Scapegoat Wilderness comprises 240,000 acres at the southern end of the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

The new proposal is called The Lincoln Prosperity Proposal and it provides permanent access to the Copper Bowls snowmobile area, completes a new trail loop for motorized recreation and mountain biking, designates Nevada Mountain as a wilderness area, expands the scapegoat and provides to the U.S. Forest Service for tools to help protect Lincoln from a serious forest fire.

The Scapegoat Wilderness 50th anniversary celebration begins Friday at 6:00 p.m., with a storytelling event featuring Jack Gladstone.

Events continue all day Saturday at Hooper Park in Lincoln and include exhibits, science talks, live music from Copper Queen and Hillfork Noir, a movie premiere, food, beer garden, as well than organized group hikes in and around the region.


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