Roadrunners Q&A with Maddie Boswell


Roadrunner Questions and Answers with Maddie boswell
Through Loren Lealiee, UTSA Communications

UTSA senior Maddie boswell was the team’s top finisher in all three of her races in her debut season with the Roadrunners. The Fort Worth native transferred to UTSA after successful careers at Texas and Texas A&M. Her impact was immediate, as she finished consecutively in the top 10 before winning the All-Conference USA second team accolades with an 11th place finish at the conference meeting two weeks ago.

Question: What made you decide to start running?
Maddie boswell: In college I played volleyball and basketball, so after these sports ended, I started track running because it was a spring sport. I just started running and realized that my ability to run without stopping for a full kilometer was considered a “talent” at the age of 12. I joined the cross country team in high school and started to like it.

Question: What does your typical workout routine look like to prepare for 6k?
Mo: On the running side, we do more running-oriented workouts where we focus more on speed than endurance so that we don’t strain our legs. But the main thing to focus on when preparing for a race is making sure you get enough sleep. Getting well rested, staying hydrated and eating well is essential.

Question: What do you do for fun apart from running?
Mo: I love to crochet. I love making blankets and am currently working on making stockings for the Christmas season.

Question: If you could describe yourself in one word, which one would it be and why?
Mo: I would describe myself as determined simply because I am very goal oriented. Making thoughtful plans to achieve my goals is what motivates me. I feel like this is how I operate, whether in athletics, studying or in life in general.

Question: I saw that you had just got married recently. How did you meet your husband?
Mo: Thank you! We are both from Fort Worth and we met in college. We became friends because we ran together. I literally chased him because we ran mixed races together. I chased him in races, and I could never beat him or catch him. But now that we’re married I guess you could say I finally caught it.

Question: What do you specialize in and what do you plan to do with it?
Mo: I am getting my master’s (diploma) in higher education administration. I was majoring in high school at the University of Texas. My long term goal would be to work with varsity athletes, whether I’m an education consultant, athletic director, coach, or somewhere in administration with college athletics.

Question: Is there a place you like to visit here in San Antonio?
Mo: I really like going to this family owned plant shop down the street from my house. I love plants and I really enjoy gardening. I recently received a large rosemary plant. My current challenge is to learn how to grow it faster because I love cooking with rosemary.

Question: Congratulations on taking second team honors of all conferences with your performance in the C-USA Championship. What’s your state of mind as you prepare for the NCAA South Central Regional on Friday?
Mo: As with any race, you have to show up and put on my big girl pants and race. The state of mind that I have is that I have to run as always without thinking too much about it. The objective is to reach the nationals. I like to say that I don’t train to lose, I train to win and I really want to win.


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