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Republic of the Cavaliers is Ubisoft’s latest massive open-world game. This time? They are multiplayer action sports. It’s a great game with dozens of preset races, customizable courses and avatars, and three main sports: biking, skiing / snowboarding, and air sports via rockets and glider suites. It’s a lot of fun, and as the free trial week draws to a close, Jason and Mick have seven Republic of the Cavaliers tips to ensure you have the best time once the full game arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft Windows on October 28.

Don’t Skip The Tip Tutorials – Jason

Republic of the Cavaliers has a pretty unique control scheme, especially compared to newer arcade-style action sports games like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. You use a combination of triggers, directions, and action buttons to perform all kinds of flips, spins, and grabs as you cycle, ski, and snowboard across the wide world. Don’t skip the trick tutorials! They will help you remember which button combinations perform which tricks as there is no easy-to-access cheat sheet. It is also very useful in determining the timing, series of buttons and landings for each movement. Some movements only work with a certain number of rotations, for example, and others require you to press buttons in a specific order. These tutorials are short and awesome Republic of the Cavaliers tips when starting to learn to jump correctly without accidentally turning over.

Find the camera mode that works best for each sport – Mick

Riders Republic Tips Ski - But Why Tho

One of the first Riders in the game Republic The advice you get at startup is “change camera mode with R3 / RS”. At first I didn’t think about it until one of the last bike races before the preview opened. This race, I accidentally hit R3, and bike racing became a whole new game. One tap switches the camera from 3rd person view to first person angle. Being able to see all the bends and the terrain ahead made the bike ride a different experience. Of course, this is not the case for all the modes of transport you control. As you complete a lap, the first-person camera kicks you out so you can see whatever you’re doing and line up a good landing before pushing you back into your runner’s head when you land. So some events like scoring points on skis or a snowboard might not make as much sense to stay in first person due to the number of tricks you do, but in racing-oriented events, I found it much more fun to feel good about the action. . But, see what POV works for you, and don’t be afraid to change it.

Try to turn off auto-landing – Jason

It’s definitely not a must, but be sure to try manual landing at least once to see how you like it. Not only does this allow you to score more points, but it also adds an extra challenge to your game. If a challenge isn’t what you’re looking for, that’s fine. But if you enjoy a little extra focus and desire the consequences of gravity, you might want to flip that switch and give it a try. The difference is immediate and your crashes will be more frequent, but hey, crash landing is also part of the fun of the game.

Be careful changing the difficulty – Mick

Like many other extreme sports and racing games, there is a difficulty in switching into Republic of the Cavaliers. It can be changed at any time just before a race if you feel the competition is getting a little too tough. And while increasing the difficulty can be rewarding, it can also cause so many headaches. Even increasing it by one of Standard (the lower difficulty), I have found that the AI ​​becomes much smarter. Any jumps they would have previously faced, they would land perfectly; turns that led them to rush head first into the rocks, they would drift easily. I was honestly surprised at how fast AI has become. You might want to wait until you have better gear before you lift it too high too quickly.

Buy a new outfit – Jason

No one wants to be dressed like everyone else around them, so why should anyone Republic of the Cavaliers be different? Something good Republic of the Cavaliers tips to stand out from the crowd: buy a new outfit or two and don’t forget to outfit them for all your sports. You can wear something different for each of the games’ many activities, or the same for all. Just head to the store to spend your hard-earned in-game cash on a ridiculous giraffe costume or unlock sponsored gear by earning stars throughout the game and contracting with different brands. Either way, unless you really want to be in the same plaid as everyone else, be sure to mix up your style.

Use the rewind feature sparingly – Mick

What surprised me in Republic of the Cavaliers is a feature I’ve only really seen in Forza games: being able to turn back time. Anytime you mess up, pressing R1 / RB will throw you back a few seconds, and that can be held until you’re in a spot that you think will get you straight back into the action. It even lets you start stationary to help you make a tight turn more easily. But, unlike Forza games, the whole race doesn’t come with you. You alone rewind. So sometimes it can be more beneficial to just reset a run if you mess up. But for stunt lessons? Go back until you get a giant bonus.

Discover the real influences – Jason

Riders Republic Tips Flying - But Why Tho

Republic of the Cavaliers has a huge map, which is completely modeled after real natural wonders of the Southwestern United States. From Mammoth Mountain to the Tetons to Canyonland, some of the world’s greatest natural wonders are on display for you to admire, slide down or flip them over. Additionally, the game is littered with Landmarks, essentially a collector’s item where you can take a break and learn a fact about these geographic wonders. Many sites today are in national parks or other public land projects. While it is essential to always remember that these parks are built on stolen land, often by stolen labor, you would be remiss not to give every location at least a Google search, check out photos as well as their history, and maybe even to inspire you to visit.

Make sure to try these Riders Republic guidance when the game is released on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft Windows on October 28. Pre-order now through our affiliate links.



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