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Then in our rainy weather roundup you’ll find the latest Race Face deals. This includes the Conspiracy jacket, pants and jersey.
The Conspiracy Jacket is a lightweight design that dispenses with some of the features of heavier, slightly bulkier waterproof jackets. Its material is fine, even if it is not so flexible. A consequence of this is that although it is very light, it does not crease particularly small. Instead, it will instead be rolled up and folded to store in a large pocket or waist bag.
Plot jacket
• Five sizes – S – XXL
• Fitted cut
• 10K breathable
• 10K waterproof
• Interior zipped chest pocket
• $ 159.00 USD
• www.Race

I love this minimalist take on jackets – I’m not a fan of bulky waterproof outer layers, and I prefer to wear several clothes thinner than a big one thicker, especially in changing conditions. The Conspiracy Jacket offers 10K breathability and waterproofing and keeps you cool and dry. That said, the proper fit of a jacket is important and will play a big role in its comfort, as well as its ability to remove moist air.
I finally chose to mount a medium in this jacket. At 183cm, I am often between sizes. However, due to the tapered fit and not particularly stretch of the jacket around the waist and cuffs, I decided to reduce the size. Basically, with the jacket’s lack of fit in these areas, I felt there was just too much air going through the jacket and out of the underarm ventilation. Apart from the cuffs, the Conspiracy is much more fitted than many other MTB jackets. I would love to see a small amount of adjustment on the cuffs or elastic fittings that start out smaller and provide more flexibility. Overall, I was very impressed though.

There are different ideas for making a waterproof jacket comfortable. Do you want as much air as possible through it? Or do you want it to create a high pressure area in the jacket that will force hot air through the material and make it breathe? In my experience, it is the latter that gives the best results.

The jacket has an inside pocket on the left side. It’s big enough to hold a phone, and you can put headphones in if you want. It also has a hood large enough to fit over a half-shell helmet. However, due to the reduced size, it’s a pretty tight fit for me and my admittedly comically large head. It also has patches on your elbows to prevent you from cutting your jacket if you hit the ground.

Henri quinney
Site: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Age: 29
Height: 6 ‘/ 183 cm
Crotch: 32 “/ 82 cm
Weight: 183 lbs / 83 kg

It sounds like a good idea, but when riding these patches tended to wrap around my arm and sit almost in front of my elbow rather than behind and around the joint itself. It’s a good idea, but I wonder what difference they make in real world crashes.
The Conspiracy is a great jacket and it quickly became my go-to in the wettest months. It seems like a good compromise of everything I love – light, comfortable, well-fitting, and minimalist. I also like simple colors and subtle looks.


+ Thin and light
+ A clean and simple look
+ Breathe well

The inconvenients

Cuffs and hem might need some adjustment

Sometimes you receive an item for review and you can’t help but wonder why you haven’t used it before. The Conspiracy jersey is one of those things. The super stretch jersey is designed to be cautioned as an outer layer. Although its DWR coating is shower resistant, it is not intended to replace a hard shell rain jacket. Instead, it’s designed to change the conditions where you work hard, and being warm and letting your skin breathe is more appealing than sweating it in a raincoat.
DWR Conspiracy Jersey
• Five sizes – S – XXL
• LS jersey for wet weather
• Wind and water resistant
• DWR coating
• Stretch fabric
• Drop back hem
• $ 98 USD
• www.Race

I found it to be a great mix with waterproof pants, even on the dirtiest days. The material does not appear to cling to and absorb water as you would normally expect from a jersey. Yes, it will get wet, but then it acts almost like a wetsuit and only focuses on regulating your body temperature. I’m usually someone who gets a bit warm, so when the showers do come it’s perfect. That said, if you were to put a waterproof jacket on top of it, you would likely find yourself overheating quite quickly.

It also works well in colder conditions as a winter jersey to combine with a base layer. Even on the rare days when it’s not raining in Squamish, there is still the occasional puddle shelling to do and the jersey isolates you somewhat from that.

I have found the large one to be the perfect fit. I also like the simple blackened look. It also has elbow protection. However, just like the jacket, I wonder how useful they really are.


+ Ideal in changing weather conditions
+ Stretchy and comfortable

The inconvenients

May be too much warm if combined with a waterproof jacket.

No, these are not overalls. But can you still wear normal waterproof pants in the rain as the world moves forward into 2022? Will they still work? Well, in fact, absolutely. In fact, they are very good riding pants.

They differ from many other offers in several ways. First of all, the fit is excellent. It’s still not as tight as normal riding pants, but it’s a lot fitter than some. The fit around the knee and calf can easily accommodate knee pads, without ever venturing into the mimic MC Hammer areas.

Plot pants
• Five sizes – S – XXL
• 5K waterproof
• 10K breathability
• Two zipped pockets
• Silicone grip inside the waist
• Slim fit around the ankle
• Ratchet waist strap
• 180 USD

The fit around the ankle is also snug while not making it difficult to get your foot out when you come home covered in mud with cold hands. They are also comfortable to pedal and never felt like they were restricting my movements.

In terms of breathability, thanks to the smart fit, triple layer material and waistband, I think they breathe better than most. This is doubly impressive considering the fact that these are fully waterproof pants. As stated before, they pair very well with the Conspiracy jersey except on the dirtiest days.

The pants have two zippered pockets large enough for your hands or phone. Again, I love the simple look of these pants. The logos are so subtle that they almost have to be chased away. Overall I’m really impressed with these pants – this is one of my favorite pants that I have put on to date.


+ Judicious adjustment
+ Not too wide around the knee
+ Breathe well


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