Renamed El Tour de Tucson Hopes to Sell ‘Global Package’ to Cyclists | Tucson Sports


The event has a new logo and a whole new brand image. There is an improved finish line, rewards stand and stations throughout the race.

“When we hit pause last year, we were able to say, where can we improve? Juskiewicz said. “In our overall branding, we wanted it to scream Tucson and the bike. The colors and the brightness and the vibrancy. We want when people come to our event that people know they are in Tucson. They’re not in San Francisco, they’re not in New York or Seattle. The mountains, the colors, this place – it all screams Tucson. “

Blair added, “That race, in some graphics, was still stuck in the 1970s. What’s great now is that we have creative minds, trained to do amazing graphics, with great software tools to do it. bring those visions to life. The technological side has developed to allow us to put these graphics on anything and around anything.

“Now we can immerse people in the brand. “

What the El Tour team wanted above all to convey was Tucson’s status as one of the country’s top outdoor sports destinations.

“We are the mecca of cycling – road biking, mountain biking, the loop being named USA Today’s best bike trail in the entire country,” said Juskiewicz, who has worked in the events industry since. his stint at the University of Florida in mid-1990. “We have the passion, the infrastructure, the landscapes and the weather. With a little extra time, we were able to push all of these beautiful things. Come spend some time in Tucson. And by the way, it’s snowing in Wisconsin right now. It’s not that bad here.


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