Race report: Day 5 of the BC Bike Race 2021


BC Bike Race Day 5, stage 6
On the penultimate day, Andrew L’Esperance pushes back all enemies

Location: Penticton
Trail network: Trail networks, Campbell Mountain
Total distance: 36 km (24.5 km running)
Vertical: 1067 meters
Presented by: Clif Bar
Results of step 6
Photo credit: Dave Silver

Brilliant blue sky and verdant vineyards
quotation marks The ultimate single track experience

The penultimate day of the 2021 BC Bike Race ended in a blazing fast fashion on the buffalo and relentless trails of Campbell Mountain, Penticton. Under bright blue skies, the runners exited the start / finish area in Penticton and made their way through the lush green vineyards of the neutral zone and over the base of the trail system. From there the proverbial cannon fired and the first salute of attacks was launched.
Although the majority of runners are Canadian this year, we are happy to welcome runners from UK, US, South Africa, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Dubai, Italy and Germany. It has been a special year, a difficult year, and yet at BC Bike Race we are so grateful to be back in business by providing “The Ultimate One Track Experience” to all of our riders.

Today’s morning temperatures were barely mild, and most runners wore vests or cuffs at the start. But as the runners crossed the finish line, the Okanagan sun warmly welcomed everyone home after what turned out to be a dizzying ride. Once this route was taken on by the riders, he was a full-fledged virtuoso of quads smashing ups, quick berms, woops and siege precipices. The risk of derailment was real; too fast in any direction and …
Another flavor has been added to the overall trip enjoyed by runners. From the tech-gnar of day one to the shale slopes of Summerland on day two, to the alpine silt land of Apex on day three, and back to the ripples, roots and rocks of the Three Blind Mice. Runners had no respite from an ongoing buffet of changing styles, all provided by the South Okanagan. If someone were to describe the riding in that region, the answer would be “diverse and sublime”.
The basics of the route were a continuous combination of climbs and descents, something around four major climbs. Each climb was rewarded with a high speed hairball descent. With all the buff singletracks, this area is known because it was difficult to save time in downs.
Tomorrow is a final parade ride through the Three Blind Mice network. An area so vast that even locals don’t know all the secrets (well maybe some do). The highlight of tomorrow is not to be missed as all the riders have now ridden in every style imaginable in the South Okanagan. As we enter our last day tomorrow, we hope we haven’t overlooked anything in this BCBR 2021 odyssey.

Stage results (day 5, stage 6)

Open Women

Laurie Arseneault – 1:22:30

Haley Smith – 1:26:40

Katelyn Button – 1:36:05

Global Leader Open Women – Laurie Arseneault

Open Men

Andrew L’Esperance – 1:10:10

Geoff Kabush – 1:11:04

F̩lix Burke Р1:11:07

General Leader Open Men – Andrew L’Esperance

Team of 2 Mixed

Emily Batty, Adam Morka – 1:30:25

Kathy Beresford, Andy Smallman – 1:58:57

Yasuko Otsuka, Ted Russo – 2: 3751

Global Team of 2 Mixed Chefs – Emily Batty, Adam Morka

Results 40+ Women

Lyndsay Wrightson – 1:44:23

Kimberley Quinlan – 1:44:35

Tiffany Ballew – 1:46:03

Global Leader of Women 40+ – Kimberly Quinlan

Results 40+ Men

Eric Tourville – 1:20:48

Graham Martindale – 1:21:26

Paul Cobham – 1:23:50

Leader of men in total 40+ – Eric Tourville

Results 50+ Women

Grace Menning – 1:42:36

Christine Soucy – 1:50:22

Tamara Blythe – 1:52:27

Global Leader for Women 50+ – Grace Menning

Results 50+ Men

Alan Kriss – 1:28:26

John Peachell – 1:29:13

Paul Berry – 1:29:59

Global Leader of Men 50+ – Alan Kriss

Results 60+ Men

Joe Haegert – 1:55:43

Hugh Oswald – 2:05:12

Graeme Fitch – 2:05:20

Overall Leader Men 60+ – Joe Haegart

Team of 2 Open Men

James Clift, Dave Johnson – 1:36:00

Dietmar Pratz, Marius Pratz – 1:41:11

Doan Galarneau, Brett Marcoux – 1:41:47

Global Team of 2, Open Men Leaders – James Clift, Dave Johnson

Team of 2 veterans 80+

John Bula, Taylor Little – 1:31:15

Aaron Heffey, Phil Hess – 1:39:45

Mark Janssen, Peter Tonkin – 1:40:41

Global Team of 2, 80+ Leaders – John Bula, Taylor LIttle

Results of step 6


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