Polka Theater Announces Ready, Steady, GO! distribution and creations


The cast and creatives of Polka Theater On your marks, ready? Go! have been announced.

On your marks, ready? Go! tells the story of a young child discovering his mother’s adventurous past as a semi-professional mountain biker, celebrating the people our parents were before we were born.

Written and directed by Polka Theater Artistic Director Pete Glanville, the production follows the real-life course of the Navad 1000 cycle race through the Alps.

Glanville said:On your marks, ready? Go! is a production that underscores Polka’s commitment to creating pioneering works for early childhood audiences.

“Children and adults alike will be swept up in recreating the sensuous landscapes of mountain peaks, lakes and alpine villages as they pedal towards the finish line in Montreux, never leaving the bike room deep in their garden.”

The girl is played by Jennie Eggleton, who starred in Warner Bros. wonder woman and VAULT Festival’s After the heat, we fight for the heart.

Marta Carvalho, who appeared in StrangeRivers Productions sweet survival and that of Daniel Pereira Os Conselhos da Noitetakes on the role of mother.

Design is led by Verity Quinn and composer Rex Hora provides animated tracks, while Joe Hornsby oversees the lighting.

Polka Theater created this co-production with the help of Mapping, an artistic research project focused on developing a sensory relationship with early childhood children through the performing arts.

The project works with theater partners across Europe, helping children discover the world by mapping their aesthetic dimensions.

It does this by using features such as wide eyes and sudden excitement that display full sense involvement.

Based in Wimbledon, Polka Theater is a live entertainment venue dedicated to children, presenting a program of original performances throughout the year and providing creative learning activities for children aged 12 and under.

Representations of On your marks, ready? Go! take place from Saturday 29th January to Sunday 27th March and are best suited for children under the age of six.

Tickets are available from £9 and can be purchased online.


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