Plymouth Woman achieves rugged 99-mile cycling feat


4:35 p.m. | Wednesday, July 6, 2022

As many Minnesotans can attest, perfect weather for biking is rare here in the land of 10,000 lakes.

But Dee Dee Winfield doesn’t need perfect weather to go for a bike ride. For this Plymouth resident, cycling is a year-round activity.

“I definitely ride more in the summer, but I ride all year round,” she said. “So big bike, I ride on gravel, I ride on the road a bit. Mountain bike. Single piece. So yes, all year round.

Jumping on a bike is part of his lifestyle.

“It’s something I can do for myself. I kind of see it as a therapy, a release,” Winfield said.

You’ll often see her roaming the trails along Theodore Wirth Parkway in Golden Valley.

“I love the trails here. They kind of remind me of the East Coast,” Winfield said. “And some sections are a little rockier. It’s fun, smooth, you can do some good miles.

Putting in good miles is important when you take cycling as seriously as she does. For Winfield, cycling isn’t just a form of exercise. It is also a competitive sport.

“I moved here six years ago, met some people riding and they were like, ‘Oh, you gotta do that Lutsen 99er,’ so this is my third year doing it,” said said Winfield.

Dee Dee Winfield often rides along the trails at Theodore Wirth Park in Golden Valley.

Involve more women

The Lutsen 99er is a 99-mile cycling race with 1,800 participants that begins on the north shore of Lake Superior.

At the June 25 event, Winfield finished third in the women’s group, finishing in six hours 17 minutes and 39 seconds.

“I think your goal is always to do your best, and sometimes you know where you are, in terms of location,” Winfield said. “But I didn’t know. So, finishing third, I was very happy with that.

Yet of the 1,800 participants in the Lutsen 99er, Life Time event organizers say only 10% were women.

It’s something they would like to change, and Winfield hopes to inspire other women to follow her example.

“I think that would be awesome,” Winfield said. “It’s always nice to be there to cheer on the women. Everyone is so positive. So having more women on the pitch is always a great experience.

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