PCHS 16 years old. old Zac Lebwohl hits a speed bump en route to a 3rd, 2nd in the 1st car race


TOOELE, Utah — 16-year-old Zac Lebwohl made sure all of his homework was done as a junior at Park City High School ahead of his podium performances this weekend at the Utah Motorsports Campus, taking second and third place overall. overall classification in his first car race. . It was a National Auto Sports Association (NASA) Lightning racing group in his BMW German Touring Series (GTS2).

Although he’s only been allowed to drive with his driver’s license for less than a year, drivers are allowed to practice on closed-circuit racing tracks before this stage. Besides Utah, he has driven venues in New Jersey, Nevada and California, but it was his first sprint race that was made that much more special as it took place at the Park Residents’ Track. City.

Endurance racing in those other states, on the Las Vegas-based Zoom Zoom Kaboom team, allowed him to share riding times with his proud dad, Jason. Dad self-deprecatingly describes him as Zac’s “occasionally much slower co-pilot”. However, her father is not her driver-coach; that honor goes to Scott Mann.

Zac hit a proverbial speed bump while testing the car the night before practice. The hood pins broke causing the hood to flip into the windshield while he was driving. Luckily no one was hurt, but he was out of glass and a working balaclava. He had a generous donor of a spare hood from a car owner not driving over the weekend. Unfortunately, it took a while to get a replacement piece of glass, so he missed a lot of practice time and his ability to adjust and get the car ready for races.

“I think I was nervous before the sit-start in the car, but luckily that went away pretty quickly once I was able to get going, and that was replaced by excitement,” Zac told TownLift . “It was different from previous endurance races where it was a team effort. It was just me, and I was really proud of my performance, and I thought it was great to be able to fight in duel with the NASA regional director on track.

He drove a blue 1995 BMW M3 to the podium at Tooele this weekend. The engine is still stock (unmodified) and runs with nearly 250,000 miles. He was stripped of all normal automotive gear with a full cage and safety gear required for racing.

Lebwohl was one of the youngest, if not the youngest, with ranges up to retirement age and experience levels ranging from beginners to drivers who also drive professionally.

Younger brother Alec and his mother, Casey, happily drove the hour from Park City to attend alongside Jason on Saturday and Sunday.

The next event on Lebwohl’s schedule is the Lemons Endurance Race with Zoom Zoom Kaboom at Sonoma Raceway in California the first week of December.


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