New Factor gravel bike spotted at Crusher in the Tushar


Instagram is a fantastic way to waste hours of your day, but aside from letting you see everyone’s personal reel to feel worthless, it sometimes gives us a glimpse of what bike brands are working on.

Factor-sponsored rider Dylan Johnson recently posted photos of Crusher in the Tushar where he appears to be riding a Factor gravel bike that currently doesn’t exist. Careful stalking revealed it was also on top of this bike at Unbound.

It’s too early to tell what the bike is however, but visually it’s a more aero package than the brands current gravel bike in the lineup, the Factor LS, so it could either be a an update to this platform, or a new stand-alone model.

What do we know?

Well, we only have a few event photos to work on, but compared to the Factor LS, the new model has a deeper head tube with a fork crown that’s much more sculpted in the head tube area direction. The fork blades are also slightly deeper to look at things.

The rear of the bike is visually very similar to the LS, with the same lowered seatstays, although this new bike appears to use a more aero seatpost; it’s deeper in the long section, perhaps avoiding flex in favor of speed.

The bottom bracket area is much bulkier, with the top extending almost above the front chainring, which is in line with what we’ve seen in newer aero versions like the Scott Foil and Trek Madone. looking for aero and stiffness gains.

One for the best gravel race bikes? At first glance, one would expect it.

If you watch Dylan’s stories on his Instagram in the next few hours, you can get a close-up video of the frame, but there’s no guarantee it will drag.

An LS factor gravel bike

The current LS factor, for reference (Image credit: Postman)


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