Neom: the futuristic city where “people, robotic avatars and holograms can coexist”


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a seething beaker of Arab tradition mixed with scientific futurism, with megacity Neom at the helm of change.

From its technological verve to its sustainability ambitions, it’s clear that Neom is firmly in charge of its own narrative, with robotic avatars and holograms poised to become part of everyday life.

Emerging from the splendor of the desert, the 26,500 square kilometer site will stretch 460 kilometers along the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Province, providing a self-sufficient residential haven powered entirely by renewable energy.

“Intertwined with nature, and advanced by TechnologyNeom is at the forefront of a new way of life and new ways to travel,” says Andrew McEvoy, Head of Tourism at Neom.

“Our ambition is to be the most attractive in the world to date sustainable destination and bring imagination and flair back into travel.

The $500 billion (480 billion euro) smart city aims to attract five million visitors by 2030 and the first hotels are due to open in 2024, although McEvoy says development will never stop on what is “perhaps the most ambitious project in the world”. world”.

Consisting of three main neighborhoods, Neom will stretch across mountains, desert and sea. The Line, a 100-mile long sustainable city, will accommodate one million residents, while Oxagon will become the largest industrial floating in the world. For adventurers, however, nowhere will compare to the dizzying heights of Trojena.

What does Trojena offer?

Trojena is located 50 kilometers from the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba, surrounded by the pristine ranges of the Sarawat Mountains, with elevations ranging from 1,500 meters to 2,600 meters.

Covering an area of ​​nearly 60 square kilometers, the project is set to become the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) only year-round outdoor destination with dry high mountain air, according to the director of communications and of Trojena marketing, Clark Williams.

“Trojena plans to be the pinnacle of human ingenuity in design as well as architectural and technical innovation,” he says.

“It will set a new benchmark for future mountain developments and be an important destination in the region.”

Scheduled to open in 2026, Trojena will have a ski slope, mountain biking, water sports and world class wellness facilities. It will also feature an interactive nature reserve.

The ski village will be located at Neom Peak at approximately 2,400 meters above sea level, offering exhilarating snow skiing and winter and synthetic runs for the remainder of the year.

Meanwhile, Neom Lake, an entirely man-made body of water built on top of a mountain, will become a hub for water sports, as well as a space to host festivals and events in the scenic setting of the Mountain.

Technology and sustainability: where robots and humans live in harmony

Acting as the main gateway to Trojena, The Vault will be a folded vertical village that connects the physical and digital worlds.

“Technology and innovation are at the heart of Neom’s offerings, and Trojena is no exception,” says Williams.

“The Vault will be a compelling futuristic destination where people, robotic avatars, and holograms can coexist, interact, and engage in various activities and events, transforming both the physical and digital world into a one-of-a-kind metaverse.”

As well as being the main portal to the Trojena metaverse, The Vault will also feature shopping, dining, entertainment, and a public park, with sustainability at its core.

The Neom Master Plan has been developed with the natural terrain in mind, with all construction works designed to protect the natural features of the area.

On an operational basis, Trojena will adhere to strict rules decarbonization techniques, focusing on heating and cooling systems, insulation and building materials, and performance-based building energy codes.

When to visit Trojena?

Trojena’s tourist calendar will be divided into four seasons, each with distinct offers and attractions.

The winter season, from November to March, will focus on skiing and snowboarding, hot air ballooning and a winter fashion week.

Adventure season is between March and May and features high altitude training, paragliding, rock climbing and an Ironman athletics challenge for those who dare.

lake seasonfrom May to September, will be aimed at culture lovers with music, art and food festivals, while the wellness season will include a yoga retreat and a host of wellness-focused events .

“Trojena will serve as a model for future human-centered Neom communities, showing what an active, communal, cognitive, luxurious and comfortable life should look like,” Williams said.

“It will set a new benchmark for future mountain developments and be an important destination in the region.”


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