Neko Mulally races a retro painted intense downhill bike to raise money for more kids on bikes



In 2018 and 2019, I gave my World Champs bikes to raise funds for an association that bought bikes for underprivileged children. We have raised over $ 25,000 each year. This year, I will be donating my custom painted Intense M29 that I race at the Snowshoe World Cup along with the equipment I use, and I will invest in a fleet of top of the line children’s mountain bikes that will be kept at my bike. park, Ride Kanuga, and we will encourage children to enroll in a program where they can use the bikes for free. In addition to cycling, we will teach children how to maintain them and the trails they use.

How to win:

This year I’m selling posters for $ 20 (shipping included, anywhere in the world) and each customer will participate in a design for my bike, race kit, helmet, shoes and gloves worn at the finals of the World Cup at Snowshoe. Plus, people can donate an additional $ 10 for another drawing participation. There is no limit to additional donations. The winners will be chosen on November 21 at the Cranksgiving MTB festival held at Ride Kanuga.

What will the money collected be used for:

Over the past few years, with Can’d Aid, we have purchased bikes and helmets for first graders across the country. For many of these kids it was their first bike and they were very excited. This year I am doing the fundraising myself and will be purchasing a fleet of high end mountain bikes that we will keep at Ride Kanuga and other bike parks that would like to participate, and allow children to use the bikes for free. To participate, children will need to write a paragraph explaining why they would like to use the bikes to be accepted into the program, and then can book the days when they would like to use the bikes similar to a rental bike for free. After so many days of riding, kids will need to spend some time learning bike maintenance and trail maintenance to keep riding. Children can ride their bikes for free at Ride Kanuga or take them off site. I hope this will allow more children to get into cycling and teach them how to be good stewards of our sport. Every dollar raised will go to this fleet of bikes. The more money we collect, the more children are affected.

If you are able to donate $ 20 to this cause that would be great. Helping spread the word goes a long way, too. If not, no worries. Thank you!



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