Middaughs ready for the Xterra World Championship on Sunday



EagleVail triathlete Josiah Middaugh answers questions during the Xterra World Championship press conference in Hawaii on Thursday. The world championship takes place on Sunday and includes a 1.5 kilometer sea swim, a 31 kilometer mountain bike ride and a 10.5 kilometer trail.
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EagleVail triathlete Joshia Middaugh is currently in Hawaii with his family, but they are not visiting Aloha State to enjoy a vacation.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite as the Middaughs are in Maui for the toughest off-road triathlon on the calendar, the Xterra World Championship.

The World Championship is back after taking off in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Middaugh also took the 2019 Xterra non-racing season to participate in the “World’s Toughest Race: Eco-” program. Challenge Fiji ”on Amazon Prime.

Returning to the sport after a two-year absence, Middaugh was pleasantly surprised to learn that he is still the top American on the Xterra Tour, winning the Xterra USA Championship award for the 15th time in September in Utah. Middaugh finished second overall behind Sam Osborne of New Zealand, but as the first American competitor to cross the finish line, he won the Xterra US Elite Men’s Championship.

With the Xterra World Championships slated for December as opposed to the October standard that was set before 2020, Middaugh said he doesn’t have high hopes for a good training season ahead of the World Championships.

But the warm fall in Eagle County, while frustrating for bikers, was welcome for Middaugh.

“Each year I spend about a month almost exclusively indoors on the bike, and this year it was pushed back by about a month with the weather and I was able to stay outside for most of the time. month of November, “Middaugh told an Xterra press. conference Thursday.

“Unfortunately, it has already happened”

Josiah’s son, Sullivan Middaugh, also competes in the Xterra races in Maui. Sullivan, who is in his final year at Battle Mountain High School, has just completed a long running season where he set a new school record in the 5k.

“He went 3 months without swimming or cycling, and he got back to cycling and swimming about a week ago when he finished the cross country season,” Josiah said of Sullivan.

In addition to running, Sullivan has already proven to be a formidable opponent in mountain bike racing. In Vail’s Davos Dash Mountain Bike Race this summer, Sullivan beat all the pros in the field except one, his dad.

Not far from them was Porter Middaugh, who is in 10th grade at Battle Mountain and has also broken the 5K record this season, but not as much as his brother.

“I love watching my kids compete, but it’s really weird when I’m running against them, because if Sullivan gets past me I’m like ‘yeah, go on’ and then I’m like ‘oh, shoot, I have to. go there. ”” Middaugh said with a laugh.

At the Xterra World Championships press conference on Thursday, Middaugh expressed some relief at not having to run against Sullivan.

“Fortunately, he’s competing in the age category race (as opposed to the main championship event),” Josiah said of Sullivan.

When asked how long before Sullivan starts beating him, “unfortunately it has happened before,” Josiah replied. “We did a little Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving, 5K, I thought I could take it, I should have done the long final but I let it boil down to the sprint.”

And Sullivan wasn’t the only one to beat Josiah in the Turkey Trot, because Porter also beat him.

“Out kicked out,” Josiah said. “I got beaten up by my two children. Maybe it was a sign.

The Xterra World Championship begins Sunday at 8 a.m. Hawaii time and combines a 1.5 mile swim in the ocean, a 31 mile ATV ride, and a 10.5 mile trail run. For more information visit xterraplanet.com/worldchampionship.



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