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Originally from Scotland and a resident of Playa del Rey, Gavin Smith is the Founder and CEO of NRG Experiential Marketing, which has worked with some of the world’s best-known brands including Apple and Nike. Photos courtesy of NRG Experiential Marketing

NRG Experiential Marketing creates meaningful experiences with positive impact

By Haley Beyer

Scottish Gavin Smith was on vacation in Colorado when he was overwhelmed by the beauty and activities of the state.

“Scotland was a great place to grow up, but I fell in love with skiing when I visited Colorado so I decided to move there,” he said.

His journey took him to Los Angeles, where he founded NRG Experiential Marketing, which has worked with major brands like 2K Foundations, Timberland, Red Bull, Nike (NRG’s first major customer), The North Face, Globe, Tommy Bahama, Herbalife Nutrition, Microsoft, Apple and Beats.

Although the pandemic has been difficult, the company has survived and is poised to return with the 2K foundations on educational initiatives, mobile sampling tours and golf tournaments to benefit low-income youth trying to get started. in the sport.

Some of the projects NRG is most proud of are 2K Sports: NBA2K20, Timberland: Timber Truck Tour, Red Bull: Illume, Globe: Unemployable, TNF: Speaker Series and 2K Foundations: Loiza.

Find meaning

After moving to Colorado in 1997, Smith frequently hit the trails.

It was there that he was introduced to television work. Smith worked for Eclipse TV, where he created over 30 hours of action sports programming for a variety of major networks with a focus on snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking events.

From there Smith moved to Idaho where he continued to work on television on the “Incredible Dog Challenge”.

Eventually, he made his last move to Los Angeles.

“I did what everyone else does when they move to this area,” Smith said.

“I went straight to Hollywood and quickly realized it wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be. Santa Monica was feeling good.

The energy of NRG

Once in Los Angeles, Smith began freelance work, which became NRG in 2003.

NRG started out as an event production company, but quickly grew into a brand activation and experiential marketing agency.

The company takes care of everything from event production, product launches and sampling, brand activations and installations, store openings and pop-ups to community engagement, mobile marketing. and on the field, as well as in electronic sports and games.

NRG focuses on brands from sports, art or music, but is not limited.

Since many events are sports related, NRG has also worked with well known athletes like LeBron James, Paul George and Anthony Davis.
Athlete advertising generates greater participation in NRG events.

“I wanted to create a space that was a positive experience for everyone, a business with good energy, hence the name,” said Smith.
NRG’s mission is to create, produce and deliver exceptional experiences for brands that have the ambition to push boundaries and challenge convention.

“Basically we want good people to do a good job with good people for good people,” Smith said.

One of the most impressive aspects of NRG’s projects is that they take place nationally. Smith and his team are working on several projects.
There is a mobile marketing tour for RVs, so NRG can create their version of Airbnb and A Shoc energy drinks.

There are several basketball court renovations, an event that has become common with NRG.

Gameheads in Oakland will open a game / learning center, thanks to NRG.

The YMCA of New Orleans has created a music studio for children to learn the art of producing and writing music.

Share your message

NRG creates bespoke and tailor-made projects for the brands it works with in order to create a real connection.

To accurately convey the brand’s message to consumers, NRG combines strategic creativity with the latest technology to deliver experiences that live well beyond this moment. Whatever the project, NRG tries to go above and beyond to make the event memorable and meaningful.

“We love what we do, our goal is always to do more good,” Smith said.
NRG staff are not afraid of a challenge. That’s why its goal is to be part of the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

“We want to play as big a role as possible in helping brands be a part of the Olympics, especially when it’s in the city we live in,” Smith said. “We love to be part of this community.

The bottom line of any project is that the brand has something to say, and the staff at NRG believe they can give the brand the voice it needs by creating meaningful experiences.

They know that brands shape and influence the world and want to ensure that everyone they work with leaves a positive impact on society.

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