Lone Olympics United States Male Mountain Biker is Cal Poly Alum


A Cal Poly alumnus who called the university his home in the winter is now taking his talents to Tokyo.

With the start of the Olympics on July 23, Christopher Blevins, a mountain biker, takes his talents to new heights.

“With an event like the Olympics getting there and being able to represent the country and do what you love at the highest level is something to celebrate in itself and I think especially this year with the magnitude of what we have all spent. “Blevins told KSBY.

The 23-year-old grew up in Durango, Colorado, where he discovered a passion for mountain biking at the age of 5.

“I got to see what a mountain biker could do for a kid growing up in Durango. I had my hometown heroes at the Olympics, ”he said.

Blevins chose to bring his talents to Cal Poly for college, which offered him academic excellence as well as the opportunity to further his career as a cyclist.

“San Luis Obispo is a great cycling community, great weather, and I could really make it work. One thing about Cal Poly that was huge for my training to be able to balance everything was the shift system. I didn’t think it was such a big factor, but being able to take two shifts each year and then a spring shift allowed me to run a full season on the road from March to September virtually non-stop. I am so grateful that I chose Cal Poly. There were a few other schools, I think that would have been nice, but there was no doubt that SLO was the best place for me, ”said Blevins.

During the pandemic, Blevins continued his training with his roommate in San Luis Obispo.

“I lived at SLO for the most part and was very lucky to have the community and the space there to train with my roommate,” he said.

And while the pandemic threw a wrench in Tokyo in 2020, he’s grateful that it gave him time to prepare.

“As a kid, having another year with Tokyo and another year to focus on graduation was really cool. I am so very grateful that I was able to pursue this dream and cycling is one of the many lights of the past year for a lot of people and that is definitely it for me, ”he said.

Blevins graduated from Cal Poly in the winter and continued his training in Finale Ligure, Italy.

“I’ve settled into a good routine here and I’m just grateful where I am and take everything as I go, while still being on the ball and giving all I can when I go. the starting line goes off then 90 minutes later, “he said.

Blevins, the only male mountain biker in the United States, continues the trend of a mountain biker from Durango competing in the Olympics. A trend that started in 1996.

“It’s the continuation of a dream I had since I was a kid and it’s just another bike race,” he said.

Blevins will represent Cal Poly and Team USA against the best in the world on July 26th.

The Olympics begin Friday July 23 and air on KSBY.


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