La Palma volcano finally cools down, a cycling champion airlifted after crash and 3 more stories to start your week


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On Saturday, vulcanologists declared the violent Cumbre Vieja volcano inactive after 3 months of hyperactivity. Cumbra Vieja began spewing lava and ash on September 19; it leaves unfathomable damage in its wake.

Lava has engulfed a litany of homes and community buildings. It has also hampered tourism and events like the Ultra Transvulcania. Perhaps most devastating is the havoc in La Palma’s banana plantations, which provide around 50% of the island’s economy.

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Dutch cycling star Amy Pieters suffered a catastrophic shipwreck on Thursday during training in Spain. The SD Worx rider was airlifted to a hospital where she underwent surgery to relieve the strain on her brain.

Her condition was declared stable on Friday, but the three-time world champion Madison will remain in a medically induced coma until early this week. Pieter’s treating physicians will assess the extent of possible damage once she is conscious.

In addition to her numerous international track cycling titles, the decorated 30-year-old has become the Dutch national. road cycling champion earlier this year.

The staff at GearJunkie are doing their best for Ms. Pieters and her loved ones at this time.

Dutch elite track and road cyclist Amy Pieters underwent head injury surgery in Spain on December 23, 2021;  (photo / Rini Kools)
Dutch track and road cyclist Amy Pieters underwent surgery following a head injury in Spain on December 23, 2021; (photo / Rini Kools)

Elite sports climber Anak Verhoeven ticked off two of Spain’s toughest routes last week. First with “Joe Blau” 5.14c then with “Joe Cita” 5.14d. Neither is a first for the 25-year-old Belgian (she has defended at least a dozen 5.14+ lines), but both are some of Europe’s most classic single-pitch lines with a reputation for success. for their striking appearance and overhanging technical characteristics.

Notably, Verhoeven became the first woman to claim a first 5.15a ascent with her. red dot of “Sweet Neuf” in 2017.

The world’s most powerful space telescope has finally reached outer space. After more than 25 years of preparation, scientists launched the James Webb Space Telescope at dawn on December 25.

“A joint effort with [the] European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency, Webb Observatory is NASA’s groundbreaking flagship mission to seek light from the first galaxies in the early universe and to explore our own solar system, as well as planets orbiting others. stars “, said NASA.

NASA Engineer Ernie Wright watches the first six primary mirror segments of the James Webb Space Telescope ready for flight as they prepare to begin final cryogenic tests at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center;  (photo / NASA / MSFC / David Higginbotham)
NASA Engineer Ernie Wright watches the first six primary mirror segments of the flight-ready James Webb Space Telescope are prepared to begin final cryogenic tests at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center; (photo / NASA / MSFC / David Higginbotham)

The legendary Crested Butte Alley Loop Nordic Ski Marathon will feature a new team competition in 2022. And beware, the team’s scholarship will total $ 11,100.

The Alley Loop’s Club Clash team race will consist of six competitive races (42km skate and classic, 21km skate and classic, 10km freestyle and 5km freestyle) and will require one runner per event.

Club Clash is open to all experience levels. Cash payouts go to the top five teams and the gold medalist group takes home $ 3,600.

The 2022 Alley Loop Nordic Marathon takes off on February 5, 2022. Learn more and register on

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