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For Killarney’s grandmother, Nettie Reimer, watching her granddaughter, Colette, compete and achieve personal milestones in sprints and triathlons has been fun to watch. However, when the Victoria, BC-born triathlete won 3 gold medals at the Canada Summer Games earlier this month, Grandma Reimer was thrilled!

“I really think it’s something to be really excited about,” Reimer shares. “To get three in a row! She really has something going for her!”

The 2022 Niagara Canada Summer Games took place in Welland, Ontario from August 6-21, attracting over 5,000 participants from 13 provinces and territories, competing in 18 sports. The 16-day event is the largest national multi-sport event for young athletes in Canada.

Nettie Reimer has 16 grandchildren, Colette being the youngest. For the 21-year-old triathlete, this month’s Games did not disappoint.

The Summer Games triathlon event consists of an endurance race of swimming, cycling and running. In the mixed relay format, athletes each complete a 300 meter swim, an 8 km bike course and a 1.6 km run.

“It’s really nice in triathlon, you can usually do an individual sprint,” shares Colette. “But at the Canada Games they want to give us the most opportunities to run. So it gives us an individual sprint on the first day, then on Thursday we did a super sprint, which was half the distance, then the On Friday we did a team relay and I was with Team BC It was a really exciting experience to be with the other athletes, and I had some of my best races this year , so that was also very exciting!”

First in the women’s sprint distance triathlon with a time of one hour, six minutes and 16 seconds in rainy and windy conditions, Colette Reimer won her first gold medal. The super-sprint race earned her the second gold medal and as a member of the British Columbia mixed relay team, Reimer stood on the podium again on Friday for her third gold medal of the week.

Colette attributes her athletic beginnings to her mother, who competed in triathlons and semi-ironman marathons. Grandma Nettie agrees. “Her mother was with her, side by side. She would run with her as soon as she could walk! she laughs.

“I started cross-country when I was in school in 3rd grade and I really got into running,” explains Colette, “and my mother signed me up for my first triathlon when I was about 8 years old, which was just a local triathlon at the pool near my house. I really like it, so she signed me up for a club and I’ve been doing it ever since!”

“She’s been doing great since she was old enough to participate, and she’s a busy girl,” Grandma Reimer notes. “Colette goes inside her [2nd] year of college, but I’m sure she will continue to compete. She was in Switzerland two years ago for the Worlds and her aunt and uncle from Killarney traveled to Switzerland to see her there.”

Looking ahead, the BC triathlete will be heading to Brazil in a few weeks, then returning to study at the University of Victoria for her second year of electrical engineering. “I hope that one day I can represent Canada at the Olympics! She adds.

Traveling to Killarney to visit family will be on hold for a bit, but Colette says visiting her grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins ​​in Manitoba was a very special time for her. “When I was younger I spent most of my summers there. In recent years it was difficult because I do all my competitions in the summer, and that’s usually when I I was going. But I would really like to come back because it’s so nice to see all the family there!”

“We are very proud of her,” adds Grandma Reimer. “I have pictures of her everywhere!”

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