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Shannon Spake poses with FOX Sports colleagues Jamie McMurray and Larry McReynolds.

The NASCAR playoffs are in full swing, as are the NFL and college football seasons. The schedule is packed with sports, which means FOX Sports reporter / host Shannon Spake is seemingly working nonstop. However, she embraces this busy routine while balancing her workout schedule and important time with her family.

Fall is the busiest time of year for Spake. She spends her weeknights co-hosting “NASCAR Race Hub” with Adam Alexander and Kaitlyn Vincie on FS1 before switching sports for the weekend. She is a reporter for FOX Sports, covering both the NFL and college football. Having a busy schedule means that Spake often conducts NFL interviews over the phone while preparing for work on “Race Hub” or writing the show on a plane for a football game. This schedule could get busy, but Spake has no reason to complain.

“It’s a lot to miss the makeup chair to pick up a player on the phone, then write the show and then do the show,” Spake told “Heavy” in an exclusive interview on Thursday, September 23. “It’s is a lot of time management right now, it’s a lot of getting off my schedule and making sure I stick to it because the things that matter to me are always making sure I’m standing up every morning with my kids and bringing them to school. [I] looking for them, I also train cross country with the boys. So it’s very important for me to be there too.

Spake added that she was sitting at home a year and a half ago due to the COVID shutdown, just wishing she could be busy again. Her schedule is now full with coverage of the biggest stories from many sports, “which is a dream come true”.

Spake is part of a talented broadcast team

Alexander and Spake may be NASCAR Race Hub co-hosts, but they work with a wide variety of personalities. The FS1 nighttime show features several guest analysts, including active and retired drivers and team leaders. The list includes Clint Bowyer, Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski, Phil Parsons, Todd Bodine, and Chad Knaus, among others.

Considering the wide variety of backgrounds and personalities, it would be understandable if interactions on “NASCAR Race Hub” seemed a bit “rigid”. This is not the case. The analysts and hosts all show up with considerable energy and play with each other during the segments, resulting in an entertaining product. Although it took some time to reach this point.

“We’re a team, so it’s not one person teaching another person,” Spake said. “We are the ones who all grow up together and on this ‘RaceDay’ show, that was the case with Jamie. [McMurray] and Larry [McReynolds] and myself. We’ve grown 100% together over the past three seasons, where we can go on air for two hours in the rain and have nothing scripted, nothing written, or no recap. We can just go there because we can play against each other very easily because we have built this [chemistry] over the years.”

Spake’s busy schedule also includes several endurance races

Shannon spoke

FOX SportsShannon Spake balances endurance training with family time.

In addition to interviewing the biggest stars in NASCAR, NFL, college football and college basketball, Spake spends considerable time training for endurance races. She has competed in five different Ironman 70.3s – a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run – and she plans to compete in a full Ironman in 2022.

In order to train for these events, as well as for the upcoming Chicago Marathon, Spake needs to adjust his schedule. She wakes up no later than 5:30 a.m., but is often up at 4:30 a.m. to practice before her children wake up at 6 a.m. Spake explained that she wanted to be the one to prepare her twins. school and wears her at 7 a.m., so she focuses on training early to achieve that goal.

“My husband luckily can drive them to school so I can kind of get started with ‘Race Hub’ or NFL or whatever at 7am,” Spake said. “And then I work until the moment I need to do something else. But yes, it’s early in the morning and in bed around 9 or 9:30.

Spake doesn’t just take part in Ironman events. She also plays a key role in fundraising for the Ironman Foundation, which supports many causes. The Foundation helps communities affected by natural disasters, honors Gold Star families and donates bicycles to children in need. The Ironman Foundation has several other ways of making a positive impact, and Spake supports them all as an Ambassador of the Ironman Foundation.

“I participated in the Ironman races and the Ironman Foundation – I got involved with the Foundation in 2016 – so I got involved with them and fundraise for them every year through an auction that I do.” , explained Spake. “I contact the NFL, NBA, college and NASCAR teams and get signed products. I’m selling it on eBay and all that money goes to the Ironman Foundation. Shopping has really taken on a new life for me because of the charity part of what I do. “

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