Indianapolis Married Couple Win Edwardsville Criterium Races


When Aaron Beebe crossed the finish line of the Pro Cat 1/2/3 race at the Busey Bank Edwardsville Rotary Criterium Festival on Saturday, he was greeted by a jubilant Edwardsville community.

But more importantly, he was greeted by his wife, Arielle, who just moments before had won the Women Pro/Open Criterium race.

“It was so much fun,” Arielle said. “Seeing my husband win was awesome. It was awesome.

Aaron has always wanted to compete in the Edwardsville Criterium, especially with his teammates praising how fun it is. But living in Indianapolis, he always had schedule obligations that forced him to miss out.

It was the first time the couple had traveled to Edwardsville and competed in this criterium, and it was memorable.

“It was a really fun night,” Aaron said. “It’s a great way to spend a summer day.”

Aaron started running in high school but switched to swimming in college to help pay for his education. After graduating, he started cycling again and never looked back.

“Cycling has always been my first love,” Aaron said. “I have always had a weakness for cycling.

Arielle started running in 2019, after being introduced to it by her mother and Aaron. His mother is a Pro Cat 2 racer.

“It’s something we can do together,” Arielle said.

Arielle competes in the American Criterium Cup and tours nationally with her team, Butcher Box Cycling.

Aaron races for the Texas Roadhouse cycling team.

Like Aaron, this was Arielle’s first time running in Edwardsville.

“It’s so cool to be at a regional level race and to have so much community and good energy here,” said Arielle.

Aaron added: “I wish I was back here. It was nice. We attend a lot of criteriums and it was a really nice course. You can tell that the organizers put a lot of care into it.

Luckily for the Beebes, the rain had stopped just before the Women Pro/Open race. The road was still wet and cornering too fast was risky for the riders, but the Beebes weren’t phased by the conditions.

“There’s nothing quite like the thrill of turning corners at night at 30 miles per hour,” Aaron said.

Behind the support of their respective teammates, the Beebes won first place in their two race events at the Edwardsville Criterium.


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