Hornbill festival halted for a day as Nagaland mourns killings of civilians


The picturesque Naga heritage village in Kisama, the main venue of the iconic Nagaland hornbill festival, looked deserted on Monday as the government canceled the day’s events following the killing of civilians by security forces in the district of Mon.

The Hornbill Festival, an annual ten-day extravaganza in which several tribes across the state present their traditions, began on December 1.

The government is not determined to continue the festival or cancel it for the remaining four days, an official said. Expressing their anger at the killing of civilians in Mon, six tribes of the People’s Organization of East Nagaland (ENPO) and a few other tribes decided to refrain from participating in cultural programs.

The Konyak Union, the supreme organ of the Konyak tribe, to which the slain civilians belonged, also withdrew from the festival.

Subsequently, almost all of the tribal bodies decided not to participate in the carnival until further notice. The state government later notified the programs would remain on hold on Monday.

The whole neighborhood of Kisama looked deserted with only the police present.

The gala event is held in four districts. Major programs include the Hornbill Music Festival, Nagaland Film and Literature Festival, Mountain Biking, and the Hornbill Bamboo Festival.

The Naga Student Federation and the Naga Club have called on the state government to cancel programs for the remaining days of the festival.

They also urged the tribes not to participate in the events as it is the hour of mourning.

“The tourism department, the main organizer of the festival, has been caught in a stalemate as the state government has yet to take a final call to continue or cancel the events from December 7,” he said. responsible.

Members of the state cabinet are expected to meet on Tuesday morning to take a final call on the remaining Hornbill festival schedules, sources said.

At least 14 civilians and one soldier were shot dead by security forces in a botched counterinsurgency and 24-hour retaliation operation in the state’s Mon district, police said. The Nagaland Adventure Club (NAC) has however announced the cancellation of the 2nd edition of the Great Hornbill Adventure Trail (GHAT) 2021, scheduled for December 7-9.

The Western Angami ‘D’ Sports Association has also decided to postpone the traditional stone-drawing ceremony scheduled for Tuesday in Peducha, on the outskirts of the capital.

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