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The Nowra Velo Club experiences bigger and better terrain every week and last Sunday offered four eventful and entertaining races. This program of criterium events at the Albatross Aviation Technology Park was round two of the Optus 2022 Team Series. The Access Storage team was victorious on this program, ahead of Allen Price and Scarratts, Coffeeliscious and Hanlon Windows. The Class A event had the most compact field but was marred by a crash on the final corner, less than 200 meters from the finish line. Read more: Hugh Vaughan (Allen Price and Scarratts) led the field around the final corner at high speed but before recovering, his right pedal touched the road. The force of the impact threw Hugh onto the road where a close following Merrick Law (Hanlon Windows) was unable to avoid the fallen pilot. Law then crashed atop Vaughan and other riders spread out to avoid the tangle on the road. Mark Astley used his mountain biking skills to jump the curb, over the edge of the grass to avoid crashing as well. Continuing runners saw Neil Arnold (Illawarra CC) cross the line first, ahead of Ben Wallis (Access Storage), Stuart Austin (Penrith CC) and Astley (Coffeeliscious). While Vaughan was due to receive a few stitches to an eyebrow and some abrasions repaired, Law only demanded close attention to the abrasions on his arms and legs. Ricardo Vitiello (Allen Price and Scarratts) displayed an excellent return to his usual sprint form winning the Grade B race five lengths ahead of Steve Gendek (Access), Tony Patton (Allen Price and Scarratts), Mike Berriman (Coffeeliscious), Godfrey Green (Coffeeliscious) and Scott James of Illawarra. Brad Oaten, Phil Rice (Coffeeliscious), Tony Kuipers (Access), Jason Spence (Hanlon), Josh Henry (Access) and Jade Colligan were all close in this finish. A second-place finish and three straight wins saw the growing form of one of Nowra Velo Club’s newest and youngest members. Cameron Harrison (Allen Price and Scarratts) continued his winning streak with another Grade C win on this program. There were still 600m to go when Harrison jumped in front of the Grade C peloton and resisted all pursuit efforts to the line. Harrison won by 50m while Trent Wiseman (Access) took second ahead of Aaron Lauder (Hanlon), Doug Gray (Access), Peter Bresser (Illawarra CC), Dean Byrne (Access), Nathan Bresser (Sydney CC) and Bill Stahlhut (Access). Other following include Adrian McMillan (Coffeeliscious), Jose Pereira (Access), Chris Harrison and Kieran Harrison (Coffeeliscious), Gary Bryce (Coffeeliscious), Henry Wakeford (Coffeeliscious), Zac Peters (APS), Frank Neri (Hanlon) and Jon Schol (Coffeeliscious). Matt Grootenboer (Access) earned the D grade in another grind and close finish. Grooterboer has just repelled Ethan Astley’s final charge after chasing Jamie Overton (Hanlon) for the last 100 meters. Overton was close in third with Ned Grootenboer (APS) following down the line, ahead of Jo Chalain (Access), Pat McGill (Hanlon), Zara Jobson (Access), Greg Showell (APS) and Scott Jobson (APS). Racing continues at Tech Park this Sunday with Nowra Velo Club promoting the first round of the 2022 Southern Regions Interclub Series. We depend on subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you can, please register here. If you are already subscribed, thank you for your support.



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