Here’s what you need to know about Lamborghini’s LMDh project


These days, it looks like a player in the auto industry is moving in or out of LMDh, as companies learn more about the Le Mans Daytona Hybrid racing series. Last year, Alpine announced that it would pursue a project in LMDh rather than LMH due to “financial considerations”, according to sports car365. Audi Sport, on the other hand, said it would abandon the LMDh project and focus on its Formula 1 program instead.

“Audi Sport is pooling its forces for the Formula 1 project and, therefore, discontinuing its LMDh project,” a statement read. “The motorsport division had recently suspended development of the sports car for endurance racing.”

More recently, Automobili Lamborghini announced its intention to enter the LMDh arena and compete against its rivals. The first technical details reveal that Lamborghini Squadra Corse has built an LMDh racer with a hybrid powertrain that combines a twin-turbo V8 combustion engine and a single-source Energy Recovery System kit. The prototype will make its official competition debut in 2024.

“The LMDh project is the perfect racing car extension of the Lamborghini strategy that takes the company into a sustainable future of hybridization,” says the Italian automaker.

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These are the technical specifications

Similar to other LMDh vehicles, this race car will have a hybrid power unit. As a result, a 90-degree V-angle eight-cylinder twin-turbo internal combustion engine coupled to the Energy Recovery System (ERS) will power the Lamborghini. It should be noted that Squadra Corse developed the engine. According Jalopnik, Lamborghini’s LMDh racer will generate a combined output of 500 kW (or 670 horsepower), which is in line with regulations that allow a range of 480-520 kW and can reach the top speed of 211 miles per hour (340 km/ hour) . Additionally, Bosch, Williams and Xtrac created the hybrid system in partnership with Lamborghini.

The Italian automaker also unveiled the measurements of the racing car. As such, the LMDh vehicle will be 200.8 inches (5,100 mm) long, 78.7 inches (2,000 mm) wide and 123.9 inches (3,148 mm) high. Additionally, the automaker will keep the weight at 2,270 lb (1,030 kg). In addition, Lamborghini created the chassis in partnership with Ligier Automotive, while HP Composites, a long-time partner of Squadra Corse, developed the carbon fiber elements. The hypercar will likely make its competition debut at the 2024 Rolex 24 at Daytona before racing in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and the World Endurance Championship.

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This is why Lamborghini is now entering the LMDh

The Italian automaker has been very open about its decision to move towards plug-in hybrid vehicles. According Reuterssaid Lamborghini chief executive Stephan Winkelmann. The Corriere della Sera, that the luxury automaker wants to have two hybrid super sports cars in its fleet beyond 2030 powered by e-fuels. Earlier in 2022, Lamborghini also announced that from 2023 the company will only launch cars with electric motors, meaning that HEVs, PHEVs and later all-electric vehicles (BEVs) will replace vehicles. with combustion engine. Given the march towards electrification, it makes sense that Lamborghini chose this period to launch its own LMDh project.

“With Automobili Lamborghini committing to a future of hybridization in its road car production, the LMDh represents a specific energy/performance project based on the experiences of the next generations of its sports cars, aligning fully with Cor Tauri’s corporate strategy,” says Lamborghini. . “Squadra Corse, therefore, by entering a motorsport landscape powered by hybrid propulsion, is perfectly suited to Lamborghini’s transition to hybrid technologies.”

Some were quick to notice that the Italian luxury automaker was late to the party, considering Lamborghini’s rivals have already developed their own LMDh projects. runner points out that the Italian automaker will become IMSA’s sixth LMDh manufacturer, joining the ranks of Acura, Audi, BMW, Porsche and Cadillac. But despite the delay, Giorgio Sanna, the boss of Lamborghini motorsport, says the company’s choice to enter the LMDh field a year later than its rivals will give Lamborghini time to develop its internal structure.

“Knowing and taking into consideration that we are beginners in this kind of category and project, we also need time, not only to develop the car but also to develop the structure,” said Sanna. Sports car. “We have a structure as a motorsport department which is quite young, and the size of the structure is based on customer racing activities. Above all, work on the know-how and skills needed for this kind of project.


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