Here’s What You Can Do in Lake Tahoe in October


There are many reasons to visit Lake Tahoe, and the fall season does not disappoint. A mix of summer and winter activities, along with very desirable weather, make Tahoe an ideal setting.

Summer often means large crowds, a significant fire hazard due to high temperatures, and long days relaxing by the water to stay cool.

In the fall, things start to change, starting with the weather, but many recreational opportunities in the Tahoe area change as well.

When planning an October trip to Tahoe, here’s what to consider and what to do when visitor numbers dip and the leaves start to fall.


Is it worth visiting Lake Tahoe in the fall?

Given Lake Tahoe’s temperate climate (on both the California side and the Nevada side), it’s a popular year-round destination for different activities. But as summer transitions into fall, water sports dwindle and other adventures fill the itinerary.

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Although many summer activities translate into fall in Tahoe, the main difference with the changing seasons is the scenery. The views are magnificent; autumnal rusts, oranges and yellows are everywhere.

Before the leaves fall, it’s a fantastic time for all kinds of outdoor adventures that allow you to stop and observe. But visitors to Tahoe don’t head here. just for sweeping views of mountain peak foliage.

Is October a good time to visit Lake Tahoe?

Many of the same activities available in the summer are still offered in the fall in Tahoe, but the moderate temperatures and small crowds are a serious highlight.

More weather information later; first, consider that summer is one of Tahoe’s peak seasons (the other being ski season, of course).

Tons of families, American and international, flock to Lake Tahoe for its outdoor adventures. While much of the United States faces sweltering temperatures during the summer, the Sierra Nevada is quite cool by comparison.

Yet the weather is still warm enough for kayaking, snorkeling, boating and more. In the fall, the number of visitors decreases, leaving more space to stretch out and shorter queues.

Not to mention that the water temperatures aren’t entirely unbearable; October temperatures are comparable to June temperatures in most years. This means that swimming can always be on the agenda, at least for the bravest holidaymakers.

What to do at Lake Tahoe in the fall

The scenic views are truly a highlight in October and the surrounding months, and gondola rides or aerial tram tours are great ways to take in the views.

Hiking is also a great fall activity because it’s not too hot to be unbearable; cool breezes and chilly mornings might be just the ticket after a too hot summer.

In the afternoon, some swimming (or kayaking with a risk of splashing) may also be doable.

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Visiting Tahoe in October means most hiking and mountain biking trails will be open, and many luxury ski resorts are just plain resorts during the dry months.

Some resorts host disc golf (Palisades) during the fall months, while others offer mini-golf (Heavenly Village), movies, and theater experiences.

Unique events also take place at Lake Tahoe in October, including the Fall Fish Festival at the Taylor Creek Visitor Center.

In October, Kokanee salmon (and other fish species) spawn in Lake Tahoe. Family activities are offered at the Festival, including marathons, games and activity stations.

Since October includes Halloween, keep an eye out for spooky activities for the whole family (historically, Heavenly Village offered a pumpkin patch during October weekends).

Various resorts and campgrounds in the Tahoe area also offer Oktoberfest events. Palisades Tahoe and Camp Richardson have two of the best known celebrations, and Camp Richardson is free to attend.

Finally, another way to enjoy the water is available in the fall: day cruises from Zephyr Cove Resort. The MS Dixie takes passengers to Emerald Bay and features nearby Vikingsholm Castle.

Lake Tahoe weather is mild during the fall months

Although the fall Is from September to November, October is the absolute essence of autumn. Generally, in California, the month of October is characterized by cool temperatures and morning frosts.

Is October too cold for a visit to Lake Tahoe? Not exactly.

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According to its weather history, Lake Tahoe has average temperatures between 58.8 and 32.4 degrees Fahrenheit in October (September is similar).

Depending on the climate travelers are used to, these temperatures can feel mild or a bit chilly.

Bringing warm layers (and maybe a raincoat) is recommended, but snow boots can probably stay home – hiking boots are a must try though.

Still, snowfall typically doesn’t begin until at least mid-November, with historic records suggesting less than 2.5 inches of snow in October.

Rainfall generally remains below two inches, on average, throughout the month.

Fall at Lake Tahoe will be memorable, but really, any season here is worth visiting – including November, when the snow starts to fall and the ski resorts gear up for winter!


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