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To help you get started in the second half of the game with some cash in your pocket, these tips will help you find ways to earn some extra cash. Even by following these tips, you probably still won’t have enough money to buy all of the properties needed to unlock the final story arc, but it will definitely get you closer. RELATED: How to Unlock the Final Mission in Vice City

First and foremost, we recommend that you do the vehicle missions from the start as it means you don’t have to drive around the whole city which makes it a bit easier. In addition to the money it earns, each service vehicle’s missions grant some sort of bonus upon completion.

Vehicle missions

Running 100 cab rides blows up all taxis, while paramedic missions give a permanent boost to health. Not only that, but you’ll also get a more intimate understanding of the map, which will help you with some of the more difficult objectives.


Collect hidden packages

Like Grand Theft Auto 3, there are 100 hidden packages scattered around Vice City. To get them all, you need to have access to the second island and a helicopter. Each parcel you collect earns you a bit of money, and all ten grant an additional pickup at Vercetti Manor.

After collecting the 100, you receive a bonus of one hundred thousand dollars, which is more than enough to buy multiple properties at once.

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VC Endurance Race Mission

These missions are only accessible later in the game. First of all, you need to buy Sunshine Autos near the airport. Buying it unlocks a series of races. The latter can net you up to forty thousand dollars to do so. It costs ten thousand to enter and the prize is not refunded if you lose, just save before trying it and then reload if you lose.

The race lasts about 5 minutes and can be repeated endlessly. The main thing to remember is to focus on driving safely, as other cars end up crashing all over the place. It is better to take a durable car with a solid average speed than a fast and fragile car.

Save before each mission and reload if you lose

This isn’t so much a get-rich-quick scheme as it is a way to make sure you’re keeping your money. In the original games, if you died while on a mission, you would be sent back to the hospital. With that in mind, it pays to save before each mission and load the file if you die.

That way, you don’t waste money buying the same guns back. In the Definitive Edition, you can luckily restart a mission after failure or death, but saving often helps in case you die between missions.

Sifu has a game over and no difficulty options

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