Full access to Le Mans: Episode 2


After the first episode of the on-the-fly documentary produced by the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship, which delves into the drama of Hyperpole qualifying, the second episode focuses on the preparations ahead of the event.

For the drivers, Friday is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the famous parade in the city of Le Mans, where they can share the festive atmosphere with the thousands of spectators present. But, as recently retired 2014 WEC champion and expert commentator Anthony Davidson explains, riders are never quite able to detach themselves from the daunting task ahead.

As the race approaches, Le Mans Full Access features a first-person view from above of the circuit filmed by skydivers, before moving on to interviews with rally legend Sébastien Ogier and team owner Roger Penske. The 18-time Indianapolis 500 winner’s appreciation for the event is evident and is intercut with riveting footage of his grid interactions with rival WRT team boss Vincent Vosse (WRT) and legend of the Mans Jacky Ickx.

We see how drivers spend the build-up on the starting grid joking about movies or showing their kids how to use wheelguns, while the #8 Toyota GR010 HYBRID polesitting crew discusses their worries about hot conditions planned before the start of the 90th edition of the event. .

Watch the episode here and the full series on Motorsport.tv.


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