First 24 Hour Indian Adventure Race of Asia Series held at UDUPI, KA


First 24 Hour Indian Adventure Race of Asia Series held at UDUPI, KA

India successfully hosted the very first Asian race which was recognized around the world. It is a proud moment for every individual and organization who supported Namma Adventure Race to achieve this feat. Now we are proud to say that all of our Indian teams are ready to participate anywhere in the world. We concluded the race which was scheduled for December 17, 18 and 19, 2021 supported by Udupi Tourism and Karnataka Tourism.

The Namma Adventure Race is a 130 km (24 hour) team event where a team of 4 people compete in multiple sporting disciplines including kayaking, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, trail running. orientation with coastal cultural elements. Our participants run through the beautiful Udupi district including Kapu Lighthouse, Karkala Gomateshwara Statue, Pilarkhana Forest Temple to name a few. It was indeed a visual treat for our teams to run / bike / kayak through various landscapes and the cleanest yet picturesque beaches in Udupi District.

After the end of the race, the participants expressed their point of view as it was indeed an amplified adventure for them, as they never raced on various sports disciplines, terrains and using only MAPs. It was a huge test both mentally and physically. Few of the team mentioned that they had never heard of Adventure Race until they found NthAdventure through Namma Adventure Race’s social media.

The race had been postponed earlier due to the current situation and many teams, including out of state and out of country, had to retire due to new fear of variants. However, the organizers took up this challenge to ensure India is ready for future races and to invite more teams. This race was widely promoted on various social media platforms and the race was approved by Adventure Racing World Series and all race regulations were followed in accordance with the International Federation. Our Namma Adventure Race winners received full paid entry to the next India Regional Championship in 2022.

Race director Ajita Madan and Sayeesh Kirani say: “We had to take a call. If it’s now, or never given the current situation. However, with the support of the tourism department, our partners and our teams that have made it so far, we were able to perform and give them an unforgettable memory. This race made history as the first in India, the first in Asia as an Asian regional series, the first in Udupi and will be remembered for years to come. What our teams achieved in an incredible 24 hours, they now have to prepare for Expedition style races that last between 7-10 days. India is a country known for its rich history, hospitality, culture, cuisine and amazing yet versatile landscapes, perfectly suited for adventure races where we can invite and host athletes from all over the country and others. country. With the success of the Namma Adventure Race 2021, we look forward to receiving more support to encourage this sport. “

The Manipal S3G team says: “The race was amazing as a local, we are exploring our district like never before. Thank you for bringing this race to Udupi. We hope to leave. “

The Skyrunner team from Bangalore says: “We need more teams to come and experience this sport. India has everything to offer what this sport demands. With good support, we can invite international teams to our country and race against them.

All participating teams have earned Adventure Racing World Series Asia ranking points which helps the team in a longer race, we are encouraging more and more teams to come and try this amazing new sport in the coming years. days.

Our top 3 finishing teams are:

First: Skyrunner – Winning time 14 hours 16 minutes
Second: Veera Kannadigaru – Winning time 18 hours 55 minutes
Third: Shershah – Winning time 19 hours 20 minutes

Team Skyrunners qualified for the 2022 INDIA REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, one step closer to becoming the FIRST Indian team to represent India in adventure races in Malaysia 2022.

About NthAdventure:

NthAdventure is a Bangalore-based adventure and outdoor sports organization and is the only licensed organization in India to host Adventure Racing World Series – Australia adventure racing events. The main objective of NthAdventure is to grow and develop the adventure racing and orienteering community in India. The two race directors have participated in several expedition races such as Expedition Africa, GODZone and Expedition India. They have been running workshops, training sessions, webinars and several sprint races since 2015 to help prepare Indian teams to race on world stages.


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