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By Shane Stokes

Daire Feeley ended the longest Irish drought in Rás Tailteann history on Sunday, becoming the first home winner since Stephen Gallagher in 2008.

The Cork All Human/Velo Revolution rider grabbed the yellow jersey on Friday’s third stage, defended it on Saturday and carried it through to Sunday’s final stage 51 seconds ahead of the British rider Louis Sutton (Spain Brocar-Ale).

Sutton told The Irish Times ahead of the stage that he would continue to battle on the final 135.3 kilometer stage to Blackrock in County Louth, but instead it was Feeley who attacked , first taking a two-man break with Marc Potts (Tyrone Team Caldwell Cycles) and then, after they resumed, coming back inside the final 30km.

He joined William Perrett (Dublin Spellman Dublin Port), Archie Ryan (Ireland National Team), Dean Watson (Britain Embark-Bikestrong) and Aaron Watson (Down Powerhouse Sport) and while the latter subsequently stepped back, the other four had a 27 second lead with 15 kilometers to go.

They were eventually caught, but Feeley’s attack rather than defense policy was both typical of his racing style and also something that was virtually unheard of by a yellow jersey on the final stage of a recent edition of Ras.

The 25-year-old finished safely in the main peloton and finished the five-day race 51 seconds ahead of Sutton and one minute and six seconds ahead of Adam Ward (Ireland national team).

“People think I’m crazy attacking all the time but I think I actually rode the Rás very similarly to how I normally ride any race in Ireland,” he said. he told the Irish Times.

“The beauty of it was taking the pressure off the team on the finish circuits. It made the job a lot easier, and they were able to just watch the moves and have me in my position to stay out of trouble then that I was crossing the line. So it worked really well in the end.”

Embraced by his teammates and congratulated by the riders and officials, he was moved at the finish of the stage. He described his feelings as he approached the home stretch.

“It was amazing. Amazing. It didn’t hit me until I stopped. I just remember turning the corner with 200 yards to go and Richie [team-mate Richard Maes] told me ‘you have won the Rás, my boy.’ It was great, so it was.

“It’s the first time I’ve cried winning a cycling race. It means so much to me. It’s an incredible feeling.

The stage victory went to another young Irish driver, 20-year-old Kevin McCambridge (Britain Trinity Racing). He surged flawlessly onto the tough finishing circuit, making his move after Feeley’s group had been rolled up and shortly before starting the final 9.9 kilometer lap.

He was 20 seconds ahead with five kilometers to go and reached the finish line three seconds ahead of stage one winner Matthew Teggart (Cycling Ulster) and the rest of the main peloton.

“The Rás is like the world championships for an Irish rider. It’s just amazing. The crowds, the people… I was so happy,” he said of his victory.

In the end, it was a superb Rás for the Irish riders. In Feeley, Ward, Rory Townsend (Ireland national team), Teggart and Luke Smith (Meath Moynalty Cycling Club), they took five of the top six places.

They won four out of five stages, and Townsend and Dean Harvey (Ireland national team) won the points classification and the king of the mountains respectively.

The race is back on the road after a four-year absence and although a title sponsor is needed to ensure it runs next year, the huge crowds at the finish in Blackrock, the festive atmosphere and the passion shown by riders and officials are all huge benefits.

Ras Tailteann 2022

FBD Insurance’s fifth leg, from Kinnegad to Blackrock (Dundalk): 1 Kevin McCambridge (Britain Trinity Racing) 135.3 kilometers in 3 hours 2′1″, 2 M Teggart (Cycling Ulster) at 3″, 3 M Cigala (Carlow Dan Morrissey), 4 L Sutton (Spain Brocar-Ale) , 5 R Townsend (Ireland National Team), 6 A Stenson (Carlow Dan Morrissey), 7 J Harrison (Isle of Man), 8 M Horsthuis (Isle of Man), 9 J Blain (Britain Embark-Bikestrong), 10 D Mac Donald (Clare Burren CC), 11 L Smith (Meath Moynalty CC), 12 G Kimber (Britain Spirit BSS), 13 A Klus (Dublin McNally Swords), 14 R Siebe (Britain Trinity Racing), 15 C McCann (Down Newry Wheelers) all at the same time

The king of the mountains rewards:

Grade three climb to Slane: 1 Dean Harvey (Ireland national team) 5 points, 2 J Kes (West Friesland from the Netherlands) 4, 3 A Ryan (Ireland national team) 3, 4 K McCambridge (Britain Trinity Racing) 2

Category three climb at Collon: 1 Dean Harvey (Ireland National Team) 5 points, 2 J Kes (Netherlands West Frisia) 4, 3 A Ryan (Ireland National Team) 3, 4 K McCambridge (Britain Trinity Racing) 2

Stage runner Festina Watches County: 1 Matteo Cigala (Carlow Dan Morrissey) 3 hours 2′15″, 2 A Stenson (Carlow Dan Morrissey), 3 D Mac Donald (Clare Burren CC), 4 L Smith (Meath Moynalty CC), 5 A Klus (Dublin McNally Swords) at the same time

Team stage (non-county): 1 Britain Trinity Racing 9 hours 6′42″, 2 Britain Spirit BSS at 3″, 3 Britain Embark-Bikestrong, 4 Ireland National Team, 5 USA Good Guys Racing NYC Ireland county team: 1 Carlow Dan Morrissey 9 hours 6′45″, 2 Clare Burren CC, 3 Cycling Ulster, 4 Cork All Human/Velo Revolution at the same time, 5 Meath Spin 11 Chain Reaction 9 hours 7′33″

Cycling Ireland Final Overall Ranking: 1 Daire Feeley (Cork All Human / Velo Revolution) 16 hours 55′29″, 2 L Sutton (Spain Brocar-Ale) at 51″, 3 A Ward (Ireland National Team) at 1′6″, 4 R Townsend ( Ireland National Team) at 1′29″, 5 M Teggart (Cycling Ulster) at 1′40″, 6 L Smith (Meath Moynalty Cycling Club) at 1′41″, 7 W Perrett (Dublin Spellman Dublin Port) in at the same time, 8 M Chadwick (Britain Embark Bikestrong) at 1′45″, 9 G Kimber (Britain Spirit BSS) at 1′46″, 10 J Rees (Britain Embark-Bikestrong) at the same time, 11 J Housely (Britain Spirit BSS) at 1′48″, 12 D Moore (Cycling Ulster) at the same time, 13 M Cigala (Carlow Dan Morrissey) at 1′50″, 14 M Dowling (Cork All Human/Velo Revolution) at 1′56″, 15 J McKay (Britain Cycling Sheffield) at 2′14″

City Break Apartments points classification: 1 Rory Townsend (Ireland National Team) 56 pts, 2 M Cigala (Carlow Dan Morrissey) 50, 3 M Teggart (Cycling Ulster) 41, 4 L Sutton (Spain Brocar-Ale) 36, 5 J Harrison (Isle of Man) 30

Irish Cycling Mountain Competition: 1 Dean Harvey (Ireland National Team) 24, 2 D Feeley (Cork All Human/Velo Revolution) 22, 3 J Kes (Netherlands West Friesland) 19, 4 A Ward (Cycling Ulster) 13.5 L Sutton (Spain Brocar-Ale) 10

Ranking of Spin 11 under 23 riders: 1 Louis Sutton (Spain Brocar-Ale) 16 hours 56′20″, 2 A Ward (Ireland National Team) at 15″, 3 J Rees (Britain Embark-Bikestrong) at 55″, 4 L Rosie (Scotland Spokes Racing Team) at 1′37″, 5 J Blain (Britain Embark-Bikestrong) same time

Bective Stud Irish county rider: 1 Daire Feeley (Cork All Human/Velo Revolution) 16 hours 55′29″, 2 L Smith (Meath Moynalty Cycling Club) at 1′41″, 3 W Perrett (Dublin Spellman Dublin Port) same time , 4 D Moore (Cycling Ulster) at 1′48″, 5 M Cigala (Carlow Dan Morrissey) at 1′50″

Cycling Ireland A2 rider: 1 Aureliusz Klus (Dublin McNally Swords) at 16:57′57″, 2 V Evssev (Cork All Human/Velo Revolution) same time, 3 R Grimes (Dublin Pinergy Orwell Wheelers) at 1′52″, 4 T Walton (Dublin St. Tiernan’s) at 7′41″, 5 J Delaney (Cycling Leinster) at 12′1″

Cycling Ireland A3 rider: 1 Derek Joyce (Galway Bay CC) at 5:23′24″, 2 D McKinley (Down Newry Wheelers) at 31′38″, 3 S Flahive (Dublin McNally Swords) at 1:37′

Team (non-county): 1 Ireland national team 50 hours 51′5″, 2 Great Britain Embark-Bikestrong at 1′23″, 3 Great Britain Spirit BSS at 1′24″, 4 Great Britain Cycling Sheffield at 2′32″, 5 Spain Brocar-Ale at 4′41″

Irish County Team: 1 Cork All Human/Velo Revolution 50 hours 50′51″, 2 Cycling Ulster at 1′42″, 3 Carlow Dan Morrissey at 3′45″, 4 ​​Dublin Spellman Dublin Port at 8′38″ , 5 Dublin UCD at 9′43″


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