Fans invited to show their true colors for Aberdeen Boat Race 2022


This year’s Aberdeen Boat Race between University of Aberdeen and RGU is scheduled to take place on April 2 and supporters of both teams are invited to turn the banks of the River Dee into a colorful spectacle.

Both universities have adopted the ‘show your true colors’ theme for the 2022 face-to-face, which organizers hope they can continue with supporters in attendance – which was not possible last year due to restrictions of Covid-19.

This year, if circumstances permit, supporters are invited to don their team colors – blue and yellow for the University of Aberdeen, and purple and black for RGU.

The date of the 2022 race has been officially confirmed after finalists in last year’s boat race, RGU, threw the gauntlet at their city rivals.

Sarah Cameron, team president of the RGU Boat Club (RGUBC), challenged her counterpart Emily Carruthers of the Aberdeen University Boat Club (AUBC) on the banks of the River Dee.

The race, which has been running since 1996, is described as North East Scotland’s answer to the annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race.

Made possible by the continued support of the two universities and the Aberdeen rowing community, it takes place on a 3.5 km stretch of the River Dee between the Dee Bridge and the Aberdeen Boat Club.

Emily Carruthers and Sarah Cameron kicked off the 2022 boat race.

Last year AUBC won the race for the 18th time and is the overall leader of the competition, with RGU having recorded eight wins, but since RGUBC’s first victory in 2006, the teams have registered eight wins each. .

Emily, from Edinburgh, who studies geography, said she hopes this year’s race can bring some color to the event, following last year’s low-key competition.

She commented: “We ask the supporters to go out on this day wearing the colors of their favorite team.

“Both crews train hard for months for race day and seeing the banks of the river inundated with our team’s colors will give us a huge boost.”

Sarah, an applied social science student, said: “Looking ahead to the race, we hope our supporters will show their true colors and also register their team allegiance via social media.

Both crews have already trained for the April race.

Each of the 18 rowers will perform just under 5,500 strokes during the 3.5 km race and, with the coxswain of the crew, will test their physical and mental endurance to the limit.

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