Fan holding sign causes massive stack of cyclists during Tour de France


If you didn’t know that Saturday marked the first day of the annual Tour de France, the viral incident that took place during the first leg certainly had people take notice.

During the first day of the world’s most famous cycle race, a huge pile of bikers was caused by a fan who held up a sign during the race.

The problem was that the woman was holding the sign for part of the course as the herd of bikers passed.

The result was that a German cyclist hit the sign and not only fell, but also caused a chain reaction in which dozens of other motorcyclists behind him fell.

A video of the incident can be viewed below.

Several cyclists were treated for injuries after the woman hoisted the sign, sending a message of love to her grandparents in front of television cameras.

Obviously, Tour de France officials are not very happy with the fan and have vowed to take her to court, according to AFP, an international news agency based in France.

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Unfortunately, there is currently a big obstacle to this potential trial, in that the woman must first be found.

She fled the scene after the incident and French police were still looking for her on Monday, even tried to use Facebook as a way to find her.


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