Community Race Series successfully completes its season at Bogus Basin


BOISE, Idaho – The community race series began in 2018, and over the past two years there has been tremendous growth after 2020 when the race series was not held due to the pandemic.

The series features a Tuesday night trail race, a Wednesday night cross-country mountain bike race, and a Thursday night downhill mountain bike race during the summer in Bogus Basin, the downhill mountain bike race allowed riders to fill the 120 places in all six races.

“The bike shops are all there, people are super supportive, everyone wants everyone to be successful in racing,” said Paul McNeil, who started the series in 2018. “It’s really great to see the community come together.”

Mountain bikers completed the final run of the season on one of Bogus Basin’s toughest and most technical trails, G-19, which features a warning sign that if you’re having difficulty at this point, do turn around now, the jump is also necessary.

“It’s probably the hardest technical course here, lots of rocks, sketchy sandy berms and lots of room for disasters, overall it’s a really fun course,” said 14-year-old Ryan Chase , who finished second overall in the novice/intermediate division.

The mountain bike race featured men and women of all ages split into different skill levels, from novice to professional.

“It’s just a big event, something here locally,” said Jake Johnson, a rider who works at Ridgeline Bike and Ski. “Everyone is here running trying not to get injured, I know that’s something that can always happen when you’re racing, but I had a great time and I think it’s was great.”

Riders have told us that mountain biking gives them the opportunity to get together with their friends and that it’s part of Bogus Basin’s mission as a non-profit organization to organize events like these that help to develop the sport in different ways.

“It’s really fun to go really fast, do big jumps and do some hard stuff,” said Chase, who said the social aspect was also important. “Riding with friends and just having fun with experiences and memories.

Bogus Basin announced last week that they have started doing a mountain bike school, our Kristen Scovira will have that story this week.


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